Turn around and die vine

Remembering the Best Vines Ever Made Now That Twitter Has Killed Vine

turn around and die vine

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On Thursday, Vine announced that they would be discontinuing their mobile app , prompting an outpouring of nostalgic posts on social media. Since its inception in , Vine offered a space for young, primarily black, teens to hone their comedic skills. But the six-second video app also served as one of the internet's most effective music marketing tools, launching more than a few rap careers and providing new life to songs from already established artists. While the Vine team has promised that all preexisting content will remain on the site, the era of the Vine-made hit song is now over — Musical. Young Thug's breakout hit, "Stoner" introduced the world to the Atlanta rapper's off-kilter delivery, and Vine users borrowed the relatable hook and I feel like Fabo catchphrase to produce some excellent content. Bobby Shmurda's debut song and video was notable for many reasons.

It was founded in June ; American microblogging website Twitter acquired it in October , before its launch on January 24, Videos were published through Vine's social network , and could be shared on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The Vine app could be used to browse videos, along with groups of videos by theme, and "trending" videos. Vine competed with other social-media services such as Instagram and Mobli. By December , Vine had million active users.

If you picture social video as a colorful ecosystem full of emoji and chat bubbles, you really should try to think of it more as a jungle — a place where the strong eat the weak. Periscope ate Meerkat.
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Twitter has been in the news a lot lately for making some rather discouraging announcements. Just last week it was reported that the social media platform would be letting go of over employees—and now we know why. If you listen closely, you can hear a never-ending loop of teenagers crying endlessly. Plus, it helped us procrastinate and discover some really, truly hilarious videos where people spent more time being silly and less time taking them too seriously. More importantly, does this mean Vine stars will have to start making ten second videos on Snapchat or Instagram stories now? Or do they have to find a new career? Whatever happens, Vine stars will surely take their social media fame to another platform and teenagers will move on to the next big thing.

Vine (service)

Maple - King of Vines forever and always. As all social media is steadily streamlined to become one long, lucrative advert for Strongbow, the outlets that aren't money makers inevitably fall by the wayside.

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The clip was subject to a high quantity of parodies and remixes. Chloe Woodard posted the original Vine on July 2nd, , and as of April 5th, , it has acquired more than In the clip, Woodard is wearing a tie-dye shirt and a large ponytail, and shimmying her shoulders to the beat of A-ha's "Take On Me. In a Paper Magazine interview from September , Woodard wrote about what caused her to film the original clip:. We were playing outside and messing around with the water balloons outside.



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  1. I know that when Instagram video kicked off a couple of weeks ago, folks were declaring Vine to be dead since it allowed folks to post up to 15 seconds of video.

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