Periodico oficial del estado de quintana roo 2018


periodico oficial del estado de quintana roo 2018

Periodico Oficial del Estado de Puebla · “La Sombra de Arteaga” Periodico Oficial del Estado de Queretaro · Periodico Oficial del Estado de Quintana Roo.

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The first quartile was used as the cutoff to define short stature. We analyzed differences among stature strata for sociodemographic variables by using the Kruskal-Wallis test. We estimated odds ratios to measure the association between stature and sociodemographic variables, controlling for potential confounders. Persons from the southern region of the country were some three times as likely to be of short stature than were subjects in the northern region. The stature difference between the Mexican states with the highest and the lowest average stature was larger than the average difference in stature between Mexico and the United States of America. Adults who had had less than six years of schooling presented the highest prevalence of short stature, regardless of sex, region of the country, place of residence rural or urban , or the proportion of indigenous language speakers in a state. In addition, the stratum with the highest marginalization percentage of the population lacking education and services, with a low income, and living in a small community showed the highest prevalence of short stature.

Small-scale fishers on Caribbean coral reefs have exploited fish spawning aggregations FSAs for generations, but intense fishing has led to the loss of traditional aggregation sites. In many areas, the traditional ecological knowledge TEK of fishers has contributed greatly to the characterization of spawning aggregations and implementation of local conservation initiatives. These sites have been characterised and scientifically validated, in some cases with traditional western science and in others, with a participatory citizen-science approach. The objective of this work is to compare the science and conservation outcomes at these FSA sites. We report that those FSA sites where scientific surveys were conducted without community participation remain unprotected.

Coastal marine ecosystems provide livelihoods for small-scale fishers and coastal communities around the world. Small-scale fisheries face great challenges since they are difficult to monitor, enforce, and manage, which may lead to overexploitation. Combining territorial use rights for fisheries TURF with no-take marine reserves to create TURF-reserves can improve the performance of small-scale fisheries by buffering fisheries from environmental variability and management errors, while ensuring that fishers reap the benefits of conservation investments. Since , 18 old and new community-based Mexican TURF-reserves gained legal recognition thanks to a regulation passed in ; their effectiveness has not been formally evaluated. We combine causal inference techniques and the Social-Ecological Systems framework to provide a holistic evaluation of community-based TURF-reserves in three coastal communities in Mexico. We find that, overall, reserves have not yet achieved their stated goals of increasing the density of lobster and other benthic invertebrates, nor increasing lobster catches.

You requested a legal opinion regarding whether a marriage certificate issued by the Register of Deeds in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo to a same-sex couple is acceptable evidence to change the name of a replacement SSN card applicant. Accordingly, we consulted the Law Library of Congress for guidance on whether Quintana Roo, Mexico, permits same-sex marriages. Other evidence further indicates that same-sex marriage is permitted in Quintana Roo. We further conclude that the beginning date for recognition of same-sex marriages is likely August , the date that the Third Collegiate Court of the Twenty-Seventh Circuit ordered the Civil Registry of Quintana Roo to adapt the marriage formats of the Registry to make them compatible with registering the marriages of same-sex couples. See Norma C. Gutierrez, Letter to U.

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  1. Accounting 35 years after arriving to Mexico, Guatemalan families with Mayan ethnic origins created a trade type economic niche, connecting agriculture production with market practices, in the Mexican cities of Chetumal and Cancun.

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