Hallmark murders and mysteries channel

The Best Hallmark Movies and Mysteries of 2019

hallmark murders and mysteries channel

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Ladies who solve crimes while juggling career and family life. Dead bodies drop like flies into the paths of these ladies and in the most unsuspecting places: the body of the local police sergeant fell right at the feet of Librarian Aurora Teagarden played by Candace Cameron Bure when it was dropped from an airplane and the body of an old missing friend was found in a shaft during a house renovation by Contractor Shannon Hughes played by Jewel. Many of these murder mystery movies are based on books and star some of our favorite actresses. Brooke Shields who needs no introduction plays a lawyer turned shop owner in The Flower Shop Myster y series along with Beau Bridges also who needs no introduction. Jewel yes, the singer-songwriter turned actress plays a contractor and investigator in the Fixer Upper Mystery series. Hallmark is making its mark by creating roles for actresses who portray smart, confident, and capable women. By Nellah Bailey McGough.

Many are based on bestselling mystery books by beloved authors like Charlaine Harris, Kate Carlisle, and Joanne Fluke. And with Hallmark producing more mystery movies each year, the cozy thrills so no signs of stopping. In addition, fans will discover fresh chapters to the mystery movies they know and love. Thankfully, Hallmark makes a number of its mystery movies available online. With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our favorite Hallmark mystery movies, from delicious culinary whodunits to small-town murder mysteries where everyone's a suspect. The two are like water and oil. Currently, there are four feature length entries in the Gourmet Detective mystery movie series.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has been the home of Hallmark Channel's darker fare since If you want mystery movies instead of romances or you want some mysterious romance , then this lineup is for you. This list of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries gives you the clues on what to look forward to and what you might have missed. Having perfected the "wheel series" style format of switching between different original movies in the same weekly time slot, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has several ongoing movie series to add some intrigue to your evening. There is even a new Hallmark mystery series starting in , Mystery What is going to be the best Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film in ? Vote up the movies you can't wait to watch or watch again.

List of Hallmark Channel Original Movies

Ruby Herring Mysteries Silent Witness - Best Hallmark Movie 2019 Part 1

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There is some good news for the channel: Aurora Teagarden will be back with new shows this month! Stars Lea Thompson and Joe Penny. She investigates when the body of a local realtor is found strangled in a backyard. When the Christmas Comet appears, Hanna is caught in a terrible storm and knocked unconscious. When a British agent with some top secret information is kidnapped, Cathy and Polly work together to uncover a plot which has global implications. Stars Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha.

Keeping with the mission of Hallmark, the authors whose work will be on the network write the lighter, softer type mysteries. Hallmark is calling these original two-hour movies its Original Mystery Wheel Franchise. I think Hallmark has rounded up some of the best of the genre and I hope they add even more of these movies based on novels by writers who specialize in amateur sleuths. I can think of at least a dozen authors whose novels would fit right into the Hallmark family. CT on Sunday Oct.

Mystery Movie Series

Psych Ghosts. Psych Murder? Psych Daredevils! Shawn and Gus investigate when a daredevil keeps having accidents, and O'Hare is given the improbable mission of finding Lassiter a girlfriend. Shawn and Gus help Shawn's uncle Jack search for buried treasure, but it quickly seems like there is more going on than Jack claims.

Get the schedule of the original premieres and top mystery movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
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The Harts lives are at stake when a valuable ancient jade carving leads them into the heart of mysterious Macao, where they encounter a Chinese arms dealer who has become a threat to U. Shawn's mother Madeleine is back in town to conduct psych evaluations for the police department, and the way she can Henry easily fell back into old habits has Shawn out of sorts. Unfortunately, Gus can't offer moral support Gus has worked long and hard organizing their high school reunion, so when Shawn claims one of their fellow alumni has been murdered and his body has been hidden, Gus refuses to believe him. When Shawn and Gus get tickets to a daredevil show as payment for a job, Shawn notices that Dutch "The Clutch" Jenkins' fuel line has been cut just as his motorcycle flies through a ring of fire. Luckily Dutch survives the

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The channel was spun off from sister network Hallmark Channel , and airs family-oriented feature and made-for-TV movies along with a limited number of murder- and mystery-themed television series. The Hallmark Movie Channel was launched in January as an outlet for additional movies and series available to the Hallmark Channel HC that the station did not have the airtime to run. Two series were initially picked up, with Magnum, P. With the new name, Hallmark reestablished a mystery wheel series under the name "Original Mystery Wheel" in , [9] having previously had one on the Hallmark Channel from to After running several repeats of the Jesse Stone films in , the channel agreed to pick up the next two films in the series from Sony Pictures Television. On July 28, , it was reported that Crown Media would add a brand new cable network titled Hallmark Drama , which launched on October 1, , and a subscription video on demand streaming service titled Hallmark Movies Now on October 3 of the same year.

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