Edge and christian vs hardy boyz ladder match raw

The 7 Best Hardy Boyz Matches on the WWE Network

edge and christian vs hardy boyz ladder match raw

Hardy Boyz - TLC Match Match for the World Tag Team Championships ( SummerSlam, Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Matt Hardy - Loser Leaves Raw Ladder Match (Raw, ).

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Since , the Money in the Bank ladder match has been the perfect vehicle to launch promising WWE Superstars into title contention. The premise is simple: climb the ladder, retrieve the briefcase suspended from the ceiling, and earn a world title shot at any time of your choosing. Want to cash in the briefcase immediately after the champion just competed in a brutal match? No problem! That's how most briefcase winners have successfully become world champions. The Money in the Bank ladder match is heavy on highlight reel spots and low on narrative and emotional investment. The goal is to cram as many eye-popping, death-defying stunts as possible.

Edge, however, announced his retirement from professional wrestling due to neck injury on the April 11 episode of Monday Night Raw , which would ultimately end their final run together. In addition to their seven reigns as WWF Tag Team Champions, they each won singles titles during their run as a tag team. The pair primarily used the ring names of Sexton Hardcastle and Christian Cage, respectively. He was a mysterious "loner" character , who would emerge from the crowd before his matches. After some confrontations between the two gothic brothers, Edge was convinced to 'come home' with Christian and Gangrel, and the three of them formed a stable known as " The Brood ". From there, the gothic storyline enjoyed limited success, beginning their eventual tag team feud with The Hardy Boyz Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy , who also briefly formed a new Brood with Gangrel before turning on him as well. The tag team feud with the Hardy Boyz intensified as Gangrel became Matt and Jeff's new manager, combining to form "The New Brood", in the summer of

The Hardys made their long-awaited return to the WWE two years ago at WrestleMania 33 and captured tag team gold on their first night back. The ovation for their return is one of the coolest WrestleMania moments of all time. Watch via WWE Network. While that spot was indeed memorable, the match in its entirety is worth talking about, too. For the next 20 minutes, the four teams beat the holy hell out of each other with ladders, which never gets old. The edition of the Royal Rumble is an all-time Rumble pay-per-view event.

Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz - Ladder Match - 9-25-2000 Raw Part 2/2

Earlier in at WrestleMania 16, the team had a triangle ladder match, so the TLC match was upping the ante., As you can probably tell by the picture on the right, the DVD that the readers of Bleacher Report have voted for as their favourite, is The Ladder Match.



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  1. We've compiled a list of our favorite Hardy Boyz matches on the WWE Network, with links, for your viewing pleasure! Raw Tag Team Championship Fatal 4- Way Ladder Match. WrestleMania 33 4Edge & Christian (c) vs.

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