Red and blue 10s 2018

Official Photos of Westbrook’s Air Jordan 10

red and blue 10s 2018


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Russell Westbrook's Air Jordan 10 Is a Few Weeks Away Jun 14, Split red and blue detailing along the lacestay and outsole represents the Olympians.
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Air Jordan 10

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Look for the Air Jordan 10 “Westbrook” to release on June 30th at select Jordan Brand retailers and UPDATE: Nike releases official photos of Westbrook’s Air Jordan UPDATE: The Class of Air Jordan 10 is inspired by Russell Westbrook’s alma mater, Leuzinger High.
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  1. This Air Jordan 10 Honors Russell Westbrook's High School Graduation. May 21, by Ross Dwyer For futher detail the outsole features the same split red/blue color scheme as the upper, with MJ's extensive list of accomplishments.

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