Why do s and crips fight

Cardi B's Gang Beef Forces L.A. Nightclubs to Call in Armed Backup

why do  s and crips fight

"A gang is an interstitial group, originally formed spontaneously, and then . Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens were the founders of the Bloods, and this certain Bloods or Crips were expected to "jump in" and fight established members of.

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It is characterized by the following types of behavior: meeting face to face, milling, movement through space as a unit, conflict, and planning. The result of this collective behavior is the development of tradition, unreflective internal structure, esprit de corps, solidarity, morale, group awareness, and attachment to a local territory" 1. African-American gangs began to emerge in the Los Angeles area during the 's, which was in concordance with the large black population in the city. The gangs in existence at this particular time in history were not territorial. On the other hand, they were "loose associations, unorganized, and rarely violent" 2. Moreover, they did not employ monikers, graffiti, or various other gang characteristics to identify themselves.

Why does the bloods and crips fight? Best Answer. Well subsequently those smaller gangs to bangether and formed the Bloods in the 's to combating against the already huge Crips. Other answers Total: 2 items. The bloods are red and the Crips are blue. These cells 's just one of our defensive a and thay f off s bad that p the body, but the s p is that the bad and good cells are so a that o the good cells f the good cells and this can leasd to things like arthritus. Top wikis.

Why does the bloods and crips fight?

Cardi B 's feud with the Crips is setting off a red alert, and the L., I expressed my condolences.


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