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Black and white photography is the oldest style of photography. Every photograph that you can think of, has the potential to be black and white. It depends on your imagination and a few key skills. Every area of photography is different. This post will take you through each of them and show you how to make the most of black and white photography.

Black and white photography can give scenes a striking, timeless quality when done well. However, not every shot or technique will work well in black and white. To get the best black and white photos, consider the following tips. With too much gray, your image may end up looking vague or bland. One way to create clarity is to have a strong contrast between darkness and light. With some planning, this contrast should be easy to create, as light and shadow are more obvious in black and white. While nearly any subject could look nice in black and white, some subjects are easier to work with than others.



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  1. Facebook cover photos are not just photos you add to your timeline, they are actually professional banners known as covers that were designed specifically for Facebook timelines.

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