Naked and afraid of sharks

Naked and Afraid… of SHARKS

naked and afraid of sharks

Naked and Afraid XL s05e09 Apex predators

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Naked and Afraid is an American reality series that airs on the Discovery Channel. Each episode chronicles the lives of two survivalists 1 woman; 1 man who meet for the first time and are given the task of surviving a stay in the wilderness naked for 21 days. Note that in addition to the above, there are also a number of unlisted Pop-Up Editions which have different titles from their original episodes , and specials, [52] such as "Franco and Rogen", featuring James Franco and Seth Rogen. Former military man Chance Davis is paired with optimistic naturalist Melissa Miller in the jungles of Ecuador. Humidity, violent storms, caiman and red-bellied piranha are just some of the threats they face. When they make it to Day 20, in a series first, they are given a choice: finish their challenge or join the cast of Naked and Afraid XL. Chance decided to compete with the XL group and Melissa completed her challenge in Day

Five naked people. Countless wild sharks. Yes, this truly is the golden age of television. The show that makes Survivor look like a week-long stay at a Sandals resort is teaming up with the Discovery Channel's week long even that capitalizes on people's morbid fascination with the most-feared monsters of the deep. Give the people what they want right?

In Discovery's new extreme adventures, naked people try to survive against the ocean's deadliest predators. This year, those worlds will collide. The island, located in the Bahamas, does not have the resources to sustain them, so they will have to venture out into the water to find food. Yes, the island has no food, but it has insects. At the beginning of the adventure, a shark expert, Tristan Guttridge, briefs the participants with some words of caution, detailing how there are 40 species of sharks in the Bahamas. It goes without saying that five naked humans in the waters are very vulnerable.

Shark Week is in full swing and Naked and Afraid is taking part in the fanged festivities. A special titled Naked and Afraid of Sharks is set to air and we have all the information on how to watch the episode online, what time it airs, the survivalists and additional details below. No encore airing times are reported. In turn, its Shark Week special will also air on the channel. After signing up, you can watch all of Shark Week live on your computer via the Philo website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the Philo app. And even if you forget to DVR a show, Philo also comes with a hour rewind feature, which allows you to replay any show or event that has aired in the last 72 hours.

After catching a fish in the ocean, five naked survivalists attract the attention of hungry sharks. The island, located in the Bahamas, does not have the resources to sustain them, so they will have to venture out into the water to find food. An exclusive preview is above. From the heat, the weather and the bugs, this was really hard. It really pushed me to my limits. But what about the beauty of the desert island? There are sharks.

The 'Naked & Afraid' Shark Week Crossover Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch This Weekend






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  1. Shark Week is back and it's the 30th anniversary so this Shark Week is going to be bigger and better than ever.

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