Jerry rice and janice ruhter

Woman Admits to Harrassing Couple Who Bought Home She Wanted

jerry rice and janice ruhter

Janice Ruhter and Jerry Rice, pictured here, were tormented by Kathy Rowe after they were the winning homebuyers to a home Rowe wanted.

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They installed spikes on their fence, took self-defense classes and installed a security system, but still, they spend every day worrying about who will show up at their door. At the time they had one child and a new baby on the way. This is ours? They ignored it, but then a stream of interested buyers began flocking to their home. Rice later discovered the house had been re-listed on the real estate website, Zillow. Other odd things started happening. Then things got worse.

A couple who were terrorized by a woman after they outbid her on a 'dream home' have revealed the strain that the year-long ordeal put on their marriage. Jerry Rice, 40, and Janice Ruhter, 37, who have a young son and daughter, were targeted by year-old Kathy J. Rowe after they bought a home in San Diego, California, in late Mrs Rowe, pretending to be the couple, had advertised for men to visit the home while Rice was not there and force themselves upon Ruhter, claiming it was her fantasy to be raped. Scroll down for video. Janice Ruhter pictured giving her victim impact statement in court last month and her husband Jerry Rice left said that being tormented for a year by a stranger had a devastating impact on their marriage and sense of safety. Ruhter's photo and address were included in the posts which were made sometime between October and June

November 2, By Fabiosa. Here's how it all went down. Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, a married couple with a son and baby girl on the way, purchased a house for their family in a friendly neighborhood in San Diego. They outbid seven other couples and couldn't believe they were finally homeowners. But their joy didn't last long, shortly after the purchase strange things started happening. The couple didn't think much of it and forgot about the offer.

Located in an upscale suburb, the Spanish-style home featured a huge backyard and a school right up the street. When it went on the market in , Janice Ruhter and husband Jerry Rice were one of eight families who bid on the property. When they won, they were elated. But their happiness soon turned to terror as unexplained things began to happen. The house was placed for sale on real estate websites. Dozens of traveling missionaries knocked on their front door. Their mail was stopped.

San Diego Couple Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter Reveal Torment After Moving into Dream Home

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A woman has been convicted of stalking after she waged an intense campaign against a young couple who outbid her for her dream home. She also posted photographs of them on sex websites and sent leaflets to neighbours in San Diego in California, saying a sex offender had moved in to the neighbourhood, The Telegraph reported. When Rice and his partner, Janice Ruhter, moved into the house with their two young children, Rowe soon relisted the house on the internet under a false name. According to The Telegraph, Rowe was discovered after San Diego police traced posts on sex websites advertising sex with Miss Ruhter back to her computer. It was heartbreaking.

Janice Ruhter and Jerry Rice, pictured here, were tormented by Kathy Rowe after they were the winning homebuyers to a home Rowe wanted. Local News. Weather Traffic U. Station Info. Eye On L.



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