And thats the way it was

Walter Cronkite

and thats the way it was

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By Todd Venezia. He was His family was at his side at his Manhattan home when he passed at p. From to Cronkite brought a unique insight and sense of gravitas to the anchor chair of the CBS Evening News. He was a trusted voice who shared the tears of the nation when President John F.

Sharing a title with Denis Sanders' documentary of Elvis ' return to the stage, That's the Way It Is in its original LP incarnation isn't precisely a soundtrack to the film. In fact, only a third of the album captures Presley live on-stage in Vegas, with the remainder of the record derived from sessions he recorded in Nashville just a few months prior to launching his long-standing gig at the International Hotel. In its original LP incarnation, this wasn't especially apparent due to the record's reliance on the Nashville sessions, where Elvis recorded a fair share of perfectly pleasant middle-of-the-road material pitched halfway between Hollywood and Music City. They may not have been part of Presley 's repertoire but they do indicate how he was shifting away from the soulful, funky sound inspired by his comeback into something that felt showbiz. The live recordings, though, show that he was still performing with passion, figuring out what worked on-stage and what didn't after his long hiatus from performing.

Though his departure from CBS News was acrimonious, Cronkite kept an office at CBS News headquarters on 57th Street, and would visit his old newsroom occasionally, shaking hands and posing for pictures with the staff. He was much smaller than I imagined. But his voice -- that voice -- made me shiver. During the darker days at CBS News, I'm told that Cronkite's visits kept up morale, reminding the staff of what the Tiffany network represented in its halcyon days. America trusted Cronkite and trusted him to deliver the news. The media today is much more fragmented and the audiences are much more demanding, generally a positive development. I don't know whether Cronkite's "old school" style of broadcasting and newsgathering would be tolerated; Cronkite's politics -- Middle American liberalism -- would probably be more important than his style, grace or skills.

That's the Way It Is may refer to: Elvis: That's the Way It Is, a documentary film about Elvis Presley; That's the Way It Is (Elvis Presley album), a album.
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A Decade of Song , released on 1 November The song has a bridge, and after the bridge is the chorus repeated, only in the key of A major. The song was also performed in Dion's European tour and her tour. It premiered on VH1 on 8 November It was nominated for a MuchMusic Video Award.

Be sure to check your local newspapers tomorrow to get all the details on the headlines we are delivering to you. There was a storm. We can't do that in 15 minutes,' which was the length of the show in those days. Still, Cronkite persisted and that's the way it was from then on. But "it just didn't work out," said Socolow, who was then producing for Cronkite. Though the two men were cordial, and it was Murrow who had brought Cronkite to CBS, "they were never drinking buddies," Socolow said. In , Cronkite returned from a visit to Vietnam disillusioned with America's role there.


The Way It Is

"And that's the way it is": Walter Cronkite's final sign off

That's The Way It Is




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