Hello neighbor hide and seek walkthrough

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek Stage 1 Walkthrough: Where to Find All Animal Toys

hello neighbor hide and seek walkthrough

Stage 1 - Collecting Toys | Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek Walkthrough Hello Neighbor Your first task in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is to collect all the toys.

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If you want to get ahead of the game and learn how to complete the animal hunt, we've got you covered with a full guide below. From the game's start point, head upstairs and go through the door in the room with the hole. After the cut scene, go back through the room you just exited to find a huge outdoor make believe area. The goal is to not get tagged by your brother while putting all the stuffed animals in the cage, so there's still the same element of trying to solve puzzles while not getting caught from the base game. Toss animals into the pen to complete the level thanks to Blitz for the screenshots.

Start the game to play the new mode. Go up the stairs and go through the door to the room with a hole. See the cut-scene; go back to the room where you came from. There are all the animals. Having found the stuffed animal; put it in a basket located near the starting area.

Your first task in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is to collect all the toys scattered around the room. On this page of our guide we will give you the exact location of each toy. Remember, however, if you throw the toy or leave it somewhere else, it will not reappear in its place. It will wait until you find it. In this case we will not be able to help you. Ideally, once you've collected 4 toys, you'll immediately go to the toy basket to throw them away. This way you will reduce the likelihood of losing a toy.

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Hello Neighbor: Hide And Seek Guide

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek


The Hello Neighbor universe expands with this all-new prequel, Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek! In this game, you will see the events that lead to.
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  1. You play as his daughter who is playing a game of fantastic hide and seek with her brother.

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