Is my money and i need it now vine

The 5 Sad Reasons Why Vine is Being Shut Down

is my money and i need it now vine


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Twitter has been in the news a lot lately for making some rather discouraging announcements. Just last week it was reported that the social media platform would be letting go of over employees—and now we know why. If you listen closely, you can hear a never-ending loop of teenagers crying endlessly. Plus, it helped us procrastinate and discover some really, truly hilarious videos where people spent more time being silly and less time taking them too seriously. More importantly, does this mean Vine stars will have to start making ten second videos on Snapchat or Instagram stories now?

Skip navigation! Story from Tech. These are the hilariously bizarre phrases that continue to fill the texts of teens and twenty-somethings today. Such is the case for Robi Calloway, 21, and her group of plus high school friends who still text each other phrases from their favorite Vines. Soon, they were spending hours watching and laughing hysterically at the Vines others had shared. Of course, Calloway and her friends will never have any new Vines to add to their thread, since Vine is dead. Twitter bought Vine in and, after failing to innovate at the pace of Instagram and Snapchat and turn it into a money-making venture, officially shut it down in January

Nike Football is one of the most popular brand accounts on Vine. The platform introduced Loop counts in July each video plays endlessly in a loop so now we can see exactly which Vines have been viewed the most times. Burst , a UK-based micro-content publishing specialist that works with brands to create content across Vine, Instagram and Snapchat, has helped us pull together the most popular brands on Vine right now. We've stripped out all the sports team and league Vine accounts otherwise the list would just be populated with endless home run and goal replays to get an idea of which brands are really killing it with their branded video marketing. Home improvement store Lowe's has managed to turn dull tasks of stripping wallpaper and watering plants into something beautiful with its Vines, executing some fantastic stop-animation wizardry. Not an advertiser, but definitely a well-renowned global brand, this account offers a down to earth insight into what goes on inside the White House. The majority of Ritz Crackers'' recent Vines break the mold by not even containing their products.

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The site lets you share six-second, looping videos, which have the potential to go viral and attract millions of viewers. Want in? You can create your own login information using your email address and a password you create, or log in with your Twitter account. Once you have a Vine account and the app is on your phone you can start making videos. If you sign up using Twitter, your name, photo and bio will transfer from Twitter to your Vine profile. The Vine app will help you as you make your first Vine. Alternatively you can film one six-second Vine.

35 Underrated Vines That Still Deserve to Be Referenced

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It's my money and I need it now (Lance) Vine

When you watch a popular Vine, the loop counter goes up so fast it often skips over 10 or 20 numbers, reminding you that you are not the only person watching Kitty Cat Car Jump right now. And this is how you become a Vine star. In retrospect it was silly that I only thought Vine would be used for six-second quips.
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With Vine 2 on the horizon, Vine references are seeing a resurgence. Stay in the loop by brushing up with these essential, though underappreciated Vines. There are certain world events that have undeniably shaped the members of Generation Y, including the Great Recession and the time Taylor Swift got the inspiration for a terrible song she would bitterly release years later. There is one generation-defining event, however, that is unlikely to be recognized by the majority of historians as impactful in any way. I am talking, of course, about the death of Vine.

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