Who won the debate between beto and cruz

Cruz-Beto debate: Who won the final Texas debate between Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke?

who won the debate between beto and cruz

Senator Ted Cruz, Beto O'Rourke Trade Barbs In Senate Debate - NBC News

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But the one-time college debate champion did not stay on his heels for long, experts said. Cruz thrives on this kind of political combat and is hard to put on the canvas. Robert Lowry, a political science professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, said O'Rourke's newfound aggression was effective, but questioned whether it was enough to change the trajectory of the race three weeks before the Nov. Just as they did in Round 1 on Sept. Supreme Court. O'Rourke said both were out of the mainstream, but did not directly address the allegations of sexual impropriety leveled against Kavanaugh that rallied many Democratic activists.

In verbal combat! Yes, people, we just had the first big debate of the election season. The super-cool El Paso congressman versus the U. While the polls are all over the place, some have shown him closing in fast. Hitting every single county at least once is a classic political ploy, but try doing it in Texas.

Senate campaign, Republican incumbent Ted Cruz and Democrat Beto O'Rourke clashed bitterly over issues ranging from gun rights to health care to immigration. Here's what happened. To the extent he can make the race about that, he's got a shot. The highly anticipated contests carried in most Texas media markets and on several livestreams that reach nationwide was study in both contrast and aggression from the first question to the final statements. O'Rourke defended his statements that the children of undocumented immigrants, called Dreamers, who know only the United States as home should be put on the path to citizenship. Cruz shot back with force, pointing out that he was among the first elected officials on the scene at such tragedies as the deadly mass shootings in Sutherland Springs, the fatal explosion at a fertilizer plant in the town of West and in the coastal regions devastated last year by Hurricane Harvey. O'Rourke also pointed out that while running for president, Cruz missed scores of Senate votes.

The contentious showdown again highlighted the starkest differences between the candidates, particularly on immigration and health care. Here are the five takeaways from the fiery — and likely final — Senate debate in the Lone Star State. Unlike in the first debate, the Democratic congressman came out swinging from the beginning and repeatedly hammered Cruz throughout the hourlong debate.
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Cruz expressed skepticism about climate change and argued that Mr. The congressman invoked an attack line that Donald J. Trump had used against Mr. Cruz in the presidential race. Cruz replied. In their first debate last month, Mr.

Experts say Ted Cruz wins first debate on style while Beto O’Rourke scores on likeability




Five takeaways from Cruz, O'Rourke debate showdown





SAN ANTONIO — Democrat Beto O'Rourke played the role of the aggressor in Tuesday night's debate with Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.
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