Black pants and brown shoes

Can You Wear Brown Shoes With Black Pants?

black pants and brown shoes

Brown shoes and a black suit, jeans, pants or chinos can be a winning combination, here we explain which shades and styles work best for.


Most guys know the rules. Brown shoes go with khakis and most blue pants. But brown shoes with black pants? Black shoes with khaki pants? Oxblood shoes with a black suit? These all may sound like fashion mistakes, but stylish men are increasingly pulling off these combinations. DO do this subtly with medium brown shoes.

Black Pants with Brown Shoes for Men. Many would say the contrary, but black and brown if paired correctly make for the best duo ever. They complement each other like old lovers do. These shoes can be worn casually when paired with tees and jeans and you can also rock them with a suit. They perfectly contrast most colors and look extremely dapper.

Nobody enjoys getting the side-eye for committing a fashion faux pas. Find out once and for all if you can wear brown shoes and black pants together.
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Black pants are a classic piece of menswear, simply because they go well with almost everything. Whether you are wearing a dress shirt or a sweater, the black pants will complement your outfit nicely. The main issue you may encounter is whether or not your black pants and brown shoes go well together. The following guide will give you some tips on how to effectively pair them up. The lighter shade of brown the shoe is, the more casual it will appear.

20 Outfit Ideas to Wear Black Pants with Brown Shoes for Men

Nobody enjoys getting the side-eye for committing a fashion faux pas. Getting away with black pants and brown shoes boils down to one word: contrast. Your shoes should be noticeably lighter than your black or really dark pants.

Black Pants, Brown Shoes: A Good Combination?

Short answer: yes, you can wear black pants and brown shoes together, but keep a few things in mind. Brown shoes elicit more personality and modern sensibility than standard black shoes but still look professional and appropriate for the workplace. While browns are neutral, there are many different shades and hues. Here are four rules for how to pair them. Ever wear two colors that are almost but not quite the same? It instantly makes an outfit look sloppy, no matter how well-put-together the rest of the look is.





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