Menstrual cup pros and cons

Menstrual Cup Pros and Cons: Throw Away your Tampons Forever!

menstrual cup pros and cons

A concern about leaking menstrual fluid in public is just one of the reasons menstrual cups have become more popular. Many women find them.

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Quick history lesson: The first prototype was made back in the s but never actually went to market, it was just a prototype. I have to say the first con is wrong. I have the copper iud and I use a diva cup. My doctor actually highly recommend that I used my diva cup due to the fact that copper iud causes heavier periods which would make it less stress full on me not having to mess with always buying toxic tampons! Shop Now. Queen V Essentials Kit.

Many female travelers swear by using a reusable menstrual cup as a solution to dealing with their periods while traveling. Learn about menstrual cup pros and cons to decide if this is a good option for you! I love my reusable menstrual cup. Other reusable brands like the Moon Cup seem like a viable options as well. I started using a reusable menstrual cup in hopes of reducing my cramps. Tampons always aggravated my cramps so badly that I was restricted mostly to pads — a fate worse than death. There are nasty chemicals in tampons there are organic ones out there, which would be better that can irritate the vaginal wall and cause cramping in response.

For years, women have used either tampons or pads to collect blood and protect clothing during their periods. But a menstrual cup provides women with an alternative to these traditional methods. Some are long-lasting and reusable, while others are disposable. Advertising Policy Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps … Read More.

I don't know what the hell happened to it What a great post, thank you so much! I am literally looking forward to my period since I am on cloth pads. I love the designs, the fluffy feeling and that there are no more cramps. Maybe I'll try a cup one day :. So I did what anyone of this age would do, I researched online for the way to fold the cup and on roughly how it should fit in me.

A Guide to Getting Into Menstrual Cups

I Tried The Diva Cup

Menstrual cups: Everything you need to know

Sometimes, being a female is hard work, and there is really no better example of this than that time of the month. You know, when women are faced with the aches, pains, and general grossness of menstruation. Women do everything in their power to make that particular week of the month just a bit easier, with things like Midol, heating pads, or large glasses of wine, but the truth is that these just barely take the edge off of that awful week, and so women are left to ultimately grit their teeth and bear it like the martyrs we are. Of course, we never complain about it either. Most women rely on pads during the first few months, or years, that they menstruate, but eventually graduate to the more comfortable tampons.

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A menstrual cup is a product that people can use instead of pads or tampons during their periods. In this article, learn how menstrual cups work.
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Like vegans and people who do CrossFit, menstrual cup converts have earned a reputation for evangelizing—they gush endlessly about their beloved blood funnels, small silicone udders slipped inside the vagina to collect menstrual drip. I can readily see the benefits of a long-lasting, reusable period product, but still, the specter of spillage long blocked me from hopping aboard the menstrual cup express: How in the ever-living heck do you extract a chalice of uterine gore from your undercarriage without dumping its contents all over your lap? What is this witchcraft? I started using cups six months ago and I found few outlets for reliable information on these topics. Although menstrual cups have been around since the s , they remain a niche product: 98 percent of US women use pads and tampons.

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  1. For years, women have used either tampons or pads to collect blood and protect clothing during their periods. But a menstrual cup provides.

  2. There's a lot of buzz about this eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. But what exactly is a menstrual cup?.

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