General election 1970 and separation of east pakistan

Elections of 1970

general election 1970 and separation of east pakistan

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Chief Martial Law Administrator General Yahya Khan after becoming the President of Pakistan in announced that very soon the free elections will be held in Pakistan on adult franchise to establish a democratic government in the country. Initially, the elections were due on 5 October for the National Assembly and 19 October for the provincial assemblies. But theses elections were postponed till December of the same year because of the severe monsoon floods in the eastern wing in August. The new dates announced were 7 and 17 December Still, elections for nine seats of National Assembly and eighteen for provincial assemblies were held next year on 17 January due to cyclone in East Pakistan.

Saturday, August 31, Log in Register. Pakistan Defence. Feb 9, 1. Thanks x 5. Feb 28, 2. I have taken so much of pain to write the above article but I find no one of either Pakistani or Indian or Bangladeshi has given any comment on it. The main reason for the separation of East Pakistan lies on this this general election of by Yahya Khan.

General elections were held in Pakistan on 7 December They were the first general elections held in Pakistan East and West Pakistan and ultimately only general elections held prior to the independence of Bangladesh.
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On December 8, , students at the University of Dhaka demanded that Bengali be made an official language of Pakistan. Students at the University of Dhaka organized a general strike on March 11, On January 26, , a committee of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly recommended that Urdi be the only official language of Pakistan. On January 30, , Bengali students and others established the Bhasha Andolon Bengali language movement in favor of the recognition of Bengali as a national language in Pakistan. Prime Minister Khwaja Nazimuddin, who was of Bengali origin, spoke out in favor of Urdu as the national language on February 21, Government police and student demonstrators clashed in Dhaka Dacca on February , , resulting in the deaths of ten individuals. Legislative elections were held in East Bengal on March 12, , and the UF coalition won out of seats in the Provincial Assembly.

1970 Pakistani general election

Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. The presence of established ruling families posed a formidable force to be broken but the approach of the leadership of the said parties began setting directions of the election results at an early date.

East Pakistan

The new administration formed a committee of deputy and provincial martial law administrators that functioned above the civil machinery of government. The generals held power and were no longer the supporting arm of the civilians--elected or bureaucratic--as they had been throughout much of the country's history. In the past, every significant change of government had relied, in large part, on the allegiance of the military. However, Yahya Khan and his military advisers proved no more capable of overcoming the nation's problems than their predecessors. The attempt to establish a military hierarchy running parallel to and supplanting the authority of the civilian administration inevitably ruptured the bureaucratic-military alliance, on which efficiency and stability depended.





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  1. East Pakistan was the eastern provincial wing of Pakistan between and , covering the territory of the modern country Bangladesh.

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