Ice cube and lil jon

Real Nigga Roll Call

ice cube and lil jon

Real Nigga Roll Call is a single by Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, off their album Crunk Juice featuring Ice Cube. Record[edit]. The song holds a Guinness record .


A pushed their first musical offerings independently, one of their founding fathers has decided to put major labels in the rearview and go back to his roots. It's really all about ownership at this time. This is not a new page in the game. This an old page. People are caught up in double, triple platinum. That's lovely, but what's double platinum if you not getting double-platinum money? It's all about what you take home to your family at the end of the day if you gonna make this game a profession.

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Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz. Lil Jon and Ice Cube enlighten you as to why they' re the real deal and the other dudes are read moreĽ. K.
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Right about now whats up It's time for the real nigga role call Now when you hear your city or state being called You put your motherfuckin' middle finger up in this bitch ATL, St. Mothafuck that bitch! Come on flexin' ass flauntin' ass niggaz! My Niggaz! Be some real ass trill ass niggaz! Your Niggaz! Be some ho ass pussy ass niggaz!

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Ice Cube - Roll Call

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Artistas Similares. All lyrics in our website are provided for educational purposes only and they are property and copyright of their owners. Ice Cube And Snoop Dogg. And I'm bobbin to the beat of my O. You scary motherfuckers don't wanna bring the ruckus NAH! You just spend all your time in the club tryin to duck us WHAT? And if you walk by nigga, I'ma knock fire nigga from yo' ass, you can come try nigga HEY!

Specifically, Lil Jon yells:. The crunk maestro proceeds to spit out a dozen locales while Cubeóand you can only really hear it if you play through your left speakerógives his shout-outs as well. Among the bailiwicks: Atlanta, St. A few things are immediately noticeable. The upper Midwest is completely shout-out free, as are Alaska and Hawaii. In future projects, the amateur cartographer might dive deep into the s for musical inspiration.


Nas, Ice Cube, Jadakiss, T.I. & Bun B Teamed Up For A Hip-Hop Grand Finale (Audio)




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