Skin between lip and gum

Mouth Injury

skin between lip and gum

Cheek Biting -Why and How to stop it? -Dr. Abhishek Bhadranna

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If you believe your child needs immediate attention and you have concerns for a life-threatening emergency, call Not sure what counts as urgent and what's an emergency when your child is sick or injured? When it can't wait, know where to take your kids. Help Me Decide. The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment.

As parents, we are all probably a little overprotective of our little ones. And how could we not be?
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Call Now Major bleeding that can't be stopped Trouble breathing You think your child has a life-threatening emergency. Call Doctor or Seek Care Now Gaping cut of tongue or inside the mouth that may need stitches Gaping cut of the lip that may need stitches Severe pain and not better 2 hours after taking pain medicine Trouble swallowing fluids or spit Can't fully open or close the mouth Fever and mouth looks infected. Signs are increasing pain or swelling after 48 hours. Note: it's normal for a healing wound in the mouth to be white. You think your child has a serious injury You think your child needs to be seen, and the problem is urgent.

Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Mouth injuries are common, especially in children, and may involve the teeth, jaw, lips, tongue, inner cheeks, gums, roof of the mouth hard or soft palates , neck, or tonsils. Sometimes mouth injuries look worse than they are. Even a small cut or puncture inside the mouth may bleed a lot because there are many blood vessels in the head and neck area. Home treatment of minor mouth injuries can help stop bleeding, reduce pain, help healing, and prevent infection. Teeth may be injured during a fall or a sport activity. A tooth may be knocked out avulsed.

Labial frenectomy

Frenectomy is a simple oral surgical procedure that eliminates the presence of a frenum in the mouth. A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues found inside of the cheeks and lips and inside the mouth and gums.

What are the benefits of Frenectomy?

It can refer to frenula in several places on the human body. Done mostly for orthodontic purposes, a frenectomy is either performed inside the middle of upper lip, which is called labial frenectomy, or under the tongue, called lingual frenectomy. A frenectomy is the removal of a frenum in the mouth. A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues There are two frena the plural of frenum in the mouth that can sometimes obstruct normal function and are candidates for frenectomies. These frena are called the lingual frenum, which connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and the maxillary labial frenum, which connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums just above your upper two front teeth.

A labial frenectomy is a form of frenectomy performed on the lip. The labial frenulum often attaches to the center of the upper lip and between the upper two front teeth. - Disclaimer: This information is not intended be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is provided for educational purposes only.



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