My son is 9 months old and has no teeth

Late Teething in Babies – Causes and Complications

my son is 9 months old and has no teeth

10 MONTH BABY UPDATE - No teeth still...

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Special Offers. New parents watch with anticipation for the tiny white bud that signals the arrival of baby's first tooth. So when teeth don't appear, it's normal to wonder if there is something wrong. Whereas for most kids with no teeth, this delay is not something to worry about, there may be underlying causes for this condition in some infants. Babies are born with most of their teeth already formed within their gums, and they usually begin to appear by the age of six months. The two lower front teeth emerge first, followed by the four upper front teeth, then the remaining two lower front teeth. The rest generally arrive two at a time — one on each side of the mouth — and by the age of three, nearly all children have a complete set of 20 primary teeth.

My child has no teeth, he is 9 months old. Is there a problem that I should get checked out? I worry about this because he has been so early at all the other developmental stages. Dana Martin — Indiana. For an infant , the mouth is an exquisitely sensitive portal connecting the world around him to his developing mind and body.

Want to give your little one some extra nutrition, but worried about what he can chew with no teeth? We've rounded up some of the best finger foods for babies. When my son's pediatrician told me that I needed to incorporate more finger foods into his diet because he's such a tiny little peanut not to mention nearly a year old , I sort of panicked. The kid may be 10 months old but he still doesn't have any teeth, despite months of brutal teething symptoms. How could he possibly handle finger foods more substantial than those melt-in-the-mouth puffs without some horrible choking incident, I wondered?

Baby Teeth

Delayed Teething

9 month old and no teeth!!!

But every baby is different, so some may begin teething quite late. However, if your child has reached one year of age and shows no signs of teething, then it does call for concern. When the first few teeth, also known as baby teeth, milk teeth, or deciduous teeth, appear, your baby is said to be teething. This usually starts to take place when your baby is around six months old. But some children are late bloomers; such kids may have their first tooth erupt as they approach one year of age. However, you can call it delayed teething if your baby is over a year old and has still not shown any signs of teething.


Kids with No Teeth: What Causes Delays in Tooth Eruption?



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