Golic and wingo nielsen ratings


golic and wingo nielsen ratings

Golic and Wingo debate Serena Williamsí 2018 US Open final controversy - Golic and Wingo - ESPN

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This means ESPN spent tens of millions of dollars to have less viewers than it did before this show even existed. Ratings were down double digits over the same time last year. Hilariously bad business. I was actually wondering how it is possible that Jalen Rose not only still has a job on their network, but that they seemingly continue to promote him. Does anybody actually like listening to that guy?

Greenberg and Golic often held opposing views on numerous topics, which made for lively - and occasionally - heated debate. The loser would have to perform a humiliating prank as punishment, such as Greenberg milking a cow live on-air. In spite of their consistent ratings and popularity, it was confirmed in Mike Greenberg was leaving to host a new morning television show called Get Up! Of course, fans were upset about the show suddenly coming to an end, and there were reports the co-hosts were no longer getting along while working together. Golic later revealed he was somewhat blindsided by the decision when his bosses informed him, with ESPN apparently feeling Greenberg and Golic's new shows would be successful on their own terms. Golic also hinted there was some tension with his co-host Greenberg following the news since he had no idea he wanted to move to the television side of ESPN.

On Tuesday ratings fell again, dropping to , viewers, and the overnight ratings for Wednesday suggest viewership will fall once more, to around , viewers. But, to be fair, it was a great episode. And that failure to build an audience carries through all day long, resulting in lower viewership throughout the entire programming schedule. Worst of all, in the final kick in the balls from the high priest of WokeCenter, the cocaine addled and fired for being extorted by a woman John Skipper, the ratings calamity for mornings on ESPN is actually a three ring circus of burning buildings. A raging conflagration of ineptitude. In other words, in one incredibly disastrous move, Skipper torpedoed his most successful radio show of all time, blew up his most valuable TV franchise, and launched a dud of a new program. If you doubt me, ask NBC, which launched a show based around her that no one watched.

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The fall tends to be when sports radio pulls out all the stops. The format loads up on content, hoping to capitalize on the countless opportunities available due to a crowded sports calendar. But once the Super Bowl is over, audiences can be harder to reach thanks to less action and weaker storylines. For our first quarterly ratings report for the sports radio format in we begin with a look at some of the key takeaways from 25 different markets. We hoped to have this out a week or two sooner but sometimes data takes a little longer to come in. CMB wrapped up the midday sweep for The Fan by delivering a 6.


Golic and Wingo




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