Tupac and janet jackson movie

25 Years Later: 10 reasons why 'Poetic Justice' is an undisputed classic

tupac and janet jackson movie

Poetic Justice is a American romantic drama film written and directed by John Singleton and starring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur with Regina King.

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Janet Jackson co-starred with the legendary hip hop icon Tupac Shakur in the movie. She speaks with Real LA Tupac revealed in interviews that he thought him and Janet were friends and that she changed her number on him after the filming of the movie came to an end. It turned out that in during an interview with The Drink Champs, the director of the movie John Singleton revealed the truth behind this controversy. It was a publicity thing. It was just us talking shit on the set and it was an inside joke. The joke would be seen as something real that create a break in the friendship of Tupac and Janet.

Preezy Brown. It's not often that two of the biggest stars in their respective genres are cast opposite of each other in leading roles in a major motion picture film, but that is what occurred in when director John Singleton tapped Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur to headline his romantic drama Poetic Justice. The follow-up to Singleton's Oscar-nominated coming-of-age film Boyz n the Hood , Poetic Justice arrived at a time when movies centered around black love were plentiful, but set itself apart from the pack not only due to its sheer star power, but breakout performances from its supporting cast, which included Regina King, Joe Torry, and Tyra Ferrell. Poetic Justice 's lead character Justice Janet Jackson , a hairstylist who is coping with witnessing the murder of her boyfriend, finds herself tagging along with her friend Iesha Regina King , her boyfriend Chicago Joe Torry and his co-worker Lucky Tupac Shakur on a road trip to Oakland, but quickly runs into conflict when she and Lucky struggle to co-exist. Drama and romance ensues between all four parties, as they attempt to make it to their destination while tending to matters of the heart.

In the film, the main character Justice writes poems which she recites throughout the film.
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Film ‘Poetic Justice’

Tupac Shakur continues to rewrite hip-hop history 20 years following his death. Acts become eligible 25 years following their first recording. Ironically, he also preached, albeit passionately and self-destructively, throughout his life he would never live to see similar honors. Not me. Mission accomplished. His presence and overwhelming legacy has elevated hip-hop into further stratospheres of cultural relevance. And a tour de force beyond deserving of further immortalization.



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