Janet jackson and bobby brown

EXCLUSIVE: Bobby Brown Exaggerated His Relationship w/ Janet Jackson, According to Sources

janet jackson and bobby brown

On the heels of the surprisingly successful The New Edition Story last fall, BET decided to ride the gravy train one more time with the Tuesday.


By Tashara Jones. The new Bobby Brown biopic claims that Brown once had sex with Janet Jackson — then threw her out of bed and into a hotel hallway in just her underwear. But they begin to argue over James DeBarge, whom Jackson married in Read Next. Leah McSweeney and Asia Argento's war of words could escal

To his dismay, she tells him to keep things discreet, but the two later share a passionate night together in a hotel room. What seemed to be a magazine cover of the two alleged lovers back in the day popped up on Twitter during the biopic. That person's Google search likely would've shown that this is not the first mention of Jackson by Brown. In his book, Brown writes of throwing the "All for You" artist out of his hotel room after being intimate, a scene he tweeted lay "on the cutting room floor. I was absolutely head over heels for her. Despite seemingly head-over-heels in love with Houston, Brown sleeps with the mother of one of his children, Kim Ward, just days before he proposes to the "I Will Always Love You" singers. Turns out, that one-night stand resulted in Ward's pregnancy with Brown's son Bobby Jr.

Bobby Brown's Alleged Romance With Janet Jackson Hits the Small Screen

Bobby Brown’s Past Relationship With Janet Jackson Shocks Black Twitter

On the heels of the surprisingly successful The New Edition Story last fall, BET decided to ride the gravy train one more time with the Tuesday release of episode one of The Bobby Brown Story, to be followed be episode 2 on Wednesday night. The lives of Bobby and Whitney have played out pretty publicly since they found love in a hopeless place at the Soul Train Music Awards. Especially since I read his book, a must-read for anybody who is with the shits and enjoys all of the shenanigans. Bobby lived life to the fullest. And it unfortunately cost him as much as he gained. The good thing about the BET movie is that it attempts to focus in on some of the details that get left out of larger narratives but are included in the book. His introduction to many of the drugs we know he was taking with Whitney is presented as she basically turned him into a cokehead.

Entertainment News. Entertainment Music News. The movie also alluded to her choosing not to date Black men because her father, Joe Jackson, told her not to. This was completely new information to much of Black Twitter, who took to the social media site to share their disbelief. See some of the best tweets below. Bobby Brown was really out here smashing Janet Jackson??? The Janet Jackson????

According to multiple reports , the movie shows the two together one night and, following sex, the "My Prerogative" singer kicks the scantily-clad songstress out of the hotel room they're sharing and slams the door in her face. Apparently, Brown felt that the Jackson family would not let Janet be with him because of his darker skin complexion. In the movie, it also seemed she was dating someone else, though who is unclear. Either way, just like that, whatever they had was over. This isn't the first time a romance between the two stars has been claimed. He claimed that the two later secretly dated in the '80s.

A scene shows the couple lying in bed together after a steamy romp. In another, Brown gifts Jackson a car for her birthday that she rejects.,


Here is Why Bobby Brown Opened Up About His Relationship With Janet Jackson




"The Bobby Brown Story" reveals details about his romances with Whitney Houston – and apparently, Janet Jackson. See what else we learned.
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