Using flonase and afrin together

Nasal Sprays Can Bring on Vicious Cycle

using flonase and afrin together

How To Use Nasal Spray - How To Use Nasal Spray Properly - Nasal Spray Technique (2018)

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Nasal sprays are liquid medicines that you spray into your nose. Most often, nasal sprays are nasal decongestants. These decongestants relieve the congestion stuffiness in your nose. Congestion is often a symptom of a cold or allergies. Prescription nasal sprays come in two different kinds of containers: pressurized canisters and pump bottles. Overusing nasal spray can damage the inside of your nose. This may cause you to use more and more nasal spray to get the results you had before.

Very few drugs relieve a symptom as speedily as an over-the-counter decongestant nasal spray clears a stuffy nose. A couple of squirts can shrink swollen tissues in seconds to minutes, letting in an exhilarating rush of fresh air. With some sprays, a single dose works for as long as 12 hours.
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PSE is still available, but has been moved behind the counter and the amount available for purchase is limited due to its use in illicit methamphetamine production. Unfortunately, a new study suggests that oral PHE is not effective as a decongestant. So what should you do with this information? First- you need to be a label reader. All OTC medications will contain a list of their active ingrediants. If one you are using or considering contains PHE, you should consider an alternate preparation. Second, for control of nasal congestion, consider switching from oral medications to nasal sprays.

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Helping Your Child Use Nasal Spray

Is nasal spray addiction a cause for concern?

Afrin oxymetazoline and Flonase fluticasone are two nasal spray medications that can be used to relieve nasal congestion from allergies. These medications are available over the counter OTC and do not need a prescription. While they treat similar symptoms, they differ in how they work. These differences will be discussed further here. Afrin is also known by its generic name, oxymetazoline.

No interactions were found between Afrin and Flonase. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist.




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  1. View drug interactions between Afrin and Flonase. Therapeutic duplication is the use of more than one medicine from the same drug category or where drugs with similar actions are used together for demonstrated therapeutic benefit.

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