Graph each equation by using the x and y intercepts

How to Find x and y Intercepts Of Graphs?

graph each equation by using the x and y intercepts

Graphing Lines Using Intercepts. Since two points determine a line, we can use the x- and y-intercepts to graph linear equations. We have just outlined an easy.

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Another excellent method to graph a line in the xy-axis or xy-plane is to use its intercepts. What are intercepts? These are points of the line that are found on the x and y axes. We have two kinds of intercepts. Since the x-intercept is a point where the line crosses the x-axis, it is a point with a y-value of zero.

Using a graphing calculator is a fast and effective way to identify the X and Y intercepts of a function. Using the built-in tools allows you to find the intercepts without doing the algebra. Enter the equation. Clear out any existing equations. Enter the equation paying careful attention to include all parentheses and operators. Graph the equation.

Graph a linear function using the x - and y -intercepts. Graph vertical and horizontal lines. Introduction In Tutorial Graphing Equations , we went over graphing in general, learning the basics of how to graph ANY equation by plotting points. In this tutorial we will be looking specifically at graphing lines. The concept of using intercepts to help graph will be introduced on this page, as well as vertical and horizontal lines.

Using the X and Y Intercept to Graph Linear Equations

The y -intercept The point or points where a graph intersects the y -axis, expressed as an ordered pair 0, y. To find the x - and y -intercepts algebraically, use the fact that all x -intercepts have a y -value of zero and all y -intercepts have an x -value of zero. Note that this linear equation is graphed above.

Graphing a Line using the x and y-Intercepts

Standard form does not give as much information about a graph as slope intercept form or point slope form , but it does make it fairly easy to find the x and y intercepts. To draw a linear graph using standard form, follow the following steps:. Find the x -intercept by setting y to 0. Find the y -intercept by setting x to 0. First, we need to find the x -intercept. In this video, Patrick JMT explains how to draw a graph of an equation in standard form using the x - and y -intercepts.

Index of lessons Print this page print-friendly version Find local tutors. The graphical concept of x - and y -intercepts is pretty simple. The x -intercepts are where the graph crosses the x -axis, and the y -intercepts are where the graph crosses the y -axis. The problems start when we try to deal with intercepts algebraically. To clarify the algebraic part, think again about the axes. When you were first introduced to the Cartesian plane, you were shown the regular number line from elementary school the x -axis , and then shown how you could draw a perpendicular number line the y -axis through the zero point on the first number line.

You've learned one way to graph a standard form equation - by converting it to slope intercept form. Click here to review this lesson. There is another way to graph standard form equations, and that is to find the x and y intercepts.

Graph Linear Equations Using x- and y-Intercepts





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  1. Graphing a Line using the x and y-Intercepts. Another excellent x and y- intercepts. Example 1: Graph the equation of the line 2x – 4y = 8 using its intercepts.

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