River phoenix and samantha mathis

River Phoenix's Death: Samantha Mathis Finally Speaks About What Happened Outside the Viper Room

river phoenix and samantha mathis

I fell apart': Samantha Mathis on River Phoenix and her career revival. The actor kept quiet for years about witnessing her then-boyfriend dying.

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Mathis said the stop at the Viper Room was initially supposed to be quick — there to drop off his younger siblings, sister Rain and brother Joaquin. She said she went to the bathroom before a club bouncer pushed Phoenix out of the club. She met up with him only to see him collapse and Joaquin Phoenix call Mathis shared more memories of her relationship with Phoenix. Read them here. Once we were on set, more often than not Rob didn't really nudge us in one direction or another. Part of the genius of the movie is that he cast boys who were in essence the very characters they portrayed.

Now, for the first time, his then-girlfriend, the actress Samantha Mathis, has shared her memory of that tragic night, in an interview with The Guardian. Phoenix—older brother of Joaquin , star of Stand By Me , Oscar nominee before he could even legally drink—was just 23 when he, Mathis, and his younger siblings stopped by the Viper Room for what Mathis thought was just a drop-off. Mathis, who now lives in New York and reportedly started to cry during the phone interview, was born the same year as Phoenix; she could tell when someone was using drugs, but of course, she couldn't control it. She recalls that she was in the Viper Room bathroom when Phoenix injected the drugs that caused his overdose. Then Phoenix got into "a scuffle with another man" and the group was pushed out of the club by a bouncer.

Actress Samantha Mathis opens up about the night River Phoenix died

Samantha Mathis born May 12, is an American actress. She relocated with her mother to Los Angeles at the age of five. Mathis began acting professionally at the age of Her first starring role in a feature film was that of Nora in Pump Up the Volume , opposite Christian Slater , whom she briefly dated at the time. She next appeared in the comedy This Is My Life , written and directed by Nora Ephron , playing an insecure teenager. She took a little over a year off from acting after her mother died in from breast cancer.

River Phoenix was just 23 when he died. Picture: Getty Images Source:Supplied. THE actress who was dating River Phoenix at the time of his death, has spoken out in detail for the first time about what happened on the night the actor died. River Phoenix was a prodigious talent. Picture: Supplied Source:News Limited. En route to AFI lifetime achievement award for Janefonda - can't wait to fete her! Christina Applegate in during her Married with Children days.

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  1. Next week is the 25th anniversary of that night, when the young actor who had always taken care to eschew all the usual celebrity cliches died the most cliched death of all, on Sunset Boulevard at the age of just

  2. It took more than 25 years for Samantha Mathis to acknowledge how her life was shaped by one horrific night in

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