Feeling of something stuck in throat and blocked ears

Why Does My Ear Hurt When I Swallow?

feeling of something stuck in throat and blocked ears

They said they could see no obvious causes in my throat or ears but one did . months, feeling of something stuck in throat and throat clearing frequently. I had an awful cold a few months back with caused a clogged ear.

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Top of the page Learning Center. When you have plugged ears, a runny nose, and a sore throat, you might just assume that you have a cold. But not all ear, nose, and throat symptoms are caused by the common cold. Checking up on your symptoms is important. What may seem harmless could turn into something more serious. Knowing what is causing your ear, nose, or throat symptoms can help you find the right treatment. Our topics can show you different health problems related to the ear, nose, and throat.

Ear pain comes in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it throbs for hours. Sometimes it only hurts when you touch it. Keep reading to learn more about the common causes of ear pain when swallowing, and how you can treat them. A common cause of ear pain when swallowing is an ear infection. Most ear infections are caused by a bacterial or viral infection in the middle ear. They usually cause swelling, fluid buildup, and irritation inside your ear, which can cause pain.

ENT ear, nose, throat cancers are also known as head and neck cancers. They are a group of cancers that affect the soft tissue organs in the head and neck region. The National Registry of Diseases Office states that nasopharyngeal cancer nose cancer , thyroid cancer, and lymphoid cancer which often occurs in the neck rank in the 10 most common cancers in Singapore. Nose cancer is more common in men, thyroid cancer is more common in women, and lymphoid cancers occur in both genders. There is about a 1 in chance of developing one of these cancers by the age of Lump in the neck Most lumps developing in the neck are benign non-cancerous. However, a lump that stays for more than 2 weeks, is painless, or keeps growing, should be seen by a doctor.

Something is blocking your throat or esophagus, which could happen if you have or choking with eating or drinking; Constant feeling of a lump in the throat; Pain thin scope can be used to remove an object that is stuck in your esophagus.
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Worried about persistent throat and ear pain

Dysphagia (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Hi I wondered if I could ask a bit of advice? I also have episodes of hiccups. I had an endoscopy 2 years ago which diagnosed a sliding hiatus hernia and I had an mri head and neck scan a couple of months ago as I have MS spots in my brain and cerebral spine. I take lansoprazole tablets daily for acid reflux due to the hernia but no medication for my MS at present. He said it will be within 2 weeks. Can I just ask, would the MRI I had recently have shown up anything sinister or would they have been looking more at nerves etc for the MS?

My left ear feels clogged. It usually starts about 4 p. I cough, clear my throat, yawn, close my nostrils and blow nothing seems to help my ear to feel less clogged. It seems like your ear has been feeling clogged for a while, so my first suggestion is to see a doctor and start the process that would lead to a diagnosis and proper treatment. The diagnosis of almost any ear problem starts with a few basic questions. One of the most obvious is also one of the most important: have you lost any hearing? Sometimes people experience hearing loss as a plugged-up feeling, so some tests may be necessary to sort that issue out.

Jump to content. Dysphagia is the medical term for difficulty swallowing. Dysphasia is usually a sign that there is a problem with your esophagus, the muscular tube that moves food and liquids from the back of your mouth to your stomach.
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I am 65, a lifelong non-smoker and mostly healthy. Ever since a throat infection some years ago, for which I was prescribed antibiotics, I have suffered from a build-up of catarrh. It feels like there is a constant obstruction at the back of my throat. The problem is exacerbated by food or drink. It's worst at night, and as it regularly disturbs my sleep, I now feel constantly tired and unwell. My doctor first prescribed Beconase and then Flixonase [anti-inflammatory nasal sprays], but they have had no real effect.


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