Happy feet mumble and gloria

Mumble and Gloria

happy feet mumble and gloria

Happy Feet: Mumble and Gloria - Can I Have This Dance

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Sign in. Mumble : Okay. Mumble : No. What did I say? Mumble : Do exactly what you say. Gloria : Daylight deals a bad hand

The second movie we watched was Happy Feet, about a penguin who loves to dance. Instead, these movies tend to end the same way Shakespearean comedies do, with a wedding. Happy Feet is a little different. Mumble is a penguin who loves to dance, which makes him an outsider because penguins are supposed to love to sing. His dancing offends the elders, who worry about the wrath of the Great Guin.

Gloria (Happy Feet)

Happy Feet - Boogie Wonderland

Elijah Wood: Mumble

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single animated film in possession of a good box office must be in want of a sequel. So while the feelings of views of such audiences as watched Happy Feet may be, they will be getting Happy Feet 2 whether they needed it or not. I think we can all agree that Happy Feet ended on a fairly closed note. Mumble became accepted by his penguin colony, taught them to dance, found love, restored the fish supply, and overthrew centuries of oppressive penguin religion. What more is there to tell? I can't say I know the answer to that Does humanity overfish again? And how, if his growth stunted, was he able to sexually reproduce?

Happy Feet

Gloria is the deuteragonist in Happy Feet. She is the love interest and wife of Mumble and the mother of Erik. Gloria and Mumble were best friends as chicks. In fact, Gloria watched Mumble's egg and gave him that name. Gloria stood up for Mumble, when other penguins teased him that he was a bad singer and that an icicle fell on his head from that. In return, Mumble developed feelings for her. Gloria seemed to still care for Mumble, though it didn't seem like she actually had romantic feelings for him.

Gloria is the deuteragonist of Happy Feet and the secondary tritagonist of Happy She is the daughter of Maurice and Michelle, the wife of Mumble, and the.
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I have been receiving several PMs asking me to write another story, and now I can tell all of them that I finally decided to make a sequel to my story XD mmmm, maybe this going to become a series? Remember: the epilogue of that story is not actually part of it, so this story will start after Chapter 10 but before the epilogue. I thought that the gap that I had left between the last scenes and the epilogue was too long. So many things could happen there. But I'll not make nothing extraordinary, just a kind of filling story to tie lose ends and maybe create the possibly of a third one?

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