Did dinosaurs and humans coexist

Men and Dinosaurs Coexisted

did dinosaurs and humans coexist

Humans sleep at night because dinosaurs went extinct - Los Angeles Times

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All rights reserved. Visitors look at the skeleton of Tristan the Tyrannosaurus rex , one of the best-preserved large dinosaur skeletons, at the Natural History Museum in Berlin, Germany. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , humans are faced with a moral dilemma: Do we save the dinosaurs brought back to life by science when they are threatened by volcanic annihilation? Or do we let the dangerous beasts perish again? This made us wonder whether dinosaurs really could be resurrected, and if so, what would happen if we suddenly had to share the planet with these ancient animals. Here's what science has to say.

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By John Pickrell. Dinosaurs died out because they were unsuccessful in evolutionary terms. Marine reptiles — for example, plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs — were dinosaurs. Dinosaurs and people coexist only in books, movies and cartoons. The last dinosaurs — other than birds — died out dramatically about 65 million years ago, while the fossils of our earliest human ancestors are only about 6 million years old. Tiny mammals lived in the shadow of the dinosaurs for more than million years, occupying ecological niches as small, nocturnal animals weighing as little as 2 grams.

What if the dinosaur-killing asteroid never slammed into Earth and the paleo-beasts weren't vanquished from our planet 66 million years ago? That's the hypothetical that forms the basis of Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur," set to hit the big screens on Nov. The movie maker's answer — that a young Apatosaurus would meet and befriend a cave boy — is cute, but totally off the mark, several paleontologists told Live Science. Though there were mammals during the dinosaur's reign of the Mesozoic era, these animals were small, no larger than the size of a house cat. It's wasn't until the nonavian dinosaurs went extinct that mammals grew in size and specialty, eventually giving rise to the human lineage about 60 million years later. If the asteroid hadn't hit Earth, "I have no doubt that they would have kept evolving and thriving. If dinosaurs hadn't perished , "mammals would have never gotten their chance to evolve in that brave new world, free of their dinosaur overlords," Brusatte told Live Science.

Top 10: Dinosaur Myths

Could humans and dinosaurs have coexisted? A paleontologist explains.

Mystery at Acambaro, Mexico: Did Dinosaurs Coexist with Humans?

Many creationists believe in human-dinosaur coexistence , i. This is even shoehorned into a belief that dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible e. The open disagreements with creationists fall mostly on how the dinosaurs were kept on Noah's Ark —how the Ark would have been large enough, how they died out afterwards, and so on. A further sub-group have also claimed that dinosaurs aren't extinct and that there were recent findings of dinosaurs in the remote places of Earth. An example is Kent Hovind who believes that today's lizards are dinosaurs that have lost the genes for largeness.

Dinosaurs are often portrayed as having lived in a time before man. However, the available evidence shows that man and dinosaur coexisted. Legends of dragons are found among most people groups. For example, there are the stories of Bel and the dragon, the Kulta of Australian aborigines, St. George and the dragon, and of course many Chinese legends. Often, the anatomical descriptions given are consistent, even though they come from separate continents and various times. These depictions match what we know from the fossil evidence of certain dinosaurs.



We couldn't tolerate wolves in most of North America and did a pretty So obviously humans and dinosaurs can live together,” notes Brusatte.
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