Arizona game and fish department


arizona game and fish department

2016 Arizona Game & Fish Department Outdoor Expo!

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Smart growth today helps ensure that Arizona communities will continue to enjoy and economically benefit from wildlife-related recreation for future generations. The following links provide more in-depth detail into the Departments ongoing efforts for Wildlife Conservation Planning:. Use the Environmental Review On-Line Tool to guide preliminary decisions and assessments of proposed land and water development, management, and conservation projects in Arizona, while incorporating fish and wildlife resource needs or features. Much of that data more than data layers is compiled into a single model of wildlife conservation potential, the Species and Habitat Conservation Guide. It does not replace or supersede consultation with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Site-specific analysis will require additional wildlife information and on-the-ground expertise from the Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists.

Apply online for the draw. What you need to know Video tutorial: How to apply online. View draw results, check your bonus points, update your credit card information and apply for hunts issued though the draw system when available. Hunters may apply using the online service when available or with a paper application. The department encourages all applicants to sign up for a free AZGFD portal account and apply online. A portal account also provides convenient access to the online license purchase and draw application systems. More information.

Throughout the weekend, boaters may be required to pass through a checkpoint and be subject to a systematic safety inspection. Operators will be checked for any sign of impairment from alcohol or drugs and to ensure the required safety equipment, such as proper life jackets and working fire extinguishers, are aboard. Before heading out boaters should review all laws and regulations prior to launching. Boaters and watercraft users should make sure to have a U. Coast Guard-approved lifejacket for every individual onboard and that everyone 12 years and younger are wearing a life jacket. Boats must also have a working fire extinguisher and a type IV throwable personal floatation device PFD onboard. Additional multi-agency OUI checkpoints will occur on the Colorado River and its reservoirs throughout the boating season.

It also provides wildlife resources and watercraft and off-highway vehicle recreation. Arizona is home to more than animal species and 50 million public acres of natural land. The Arizona Wildlife Viewing Program strives to manage wildlife while providing for the responsible recreational use of the resource.
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