Batman black and white statues

DC Collectibles’ Jim Fletcher on the McFarlane Batman Statue

batman black and white statues

Results 1 - 20 of 27 Batman Black and White Limited Edition Statue (Marc Silvestri) DC Comics Batman Black & White Batgirl Limited Edition Statue (Bruce.

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This statue is due in stores on August 30th, This statue is based…. This statue was released in stores on January 25th, We are still compiling sales information. Michael Turner was an amazing artist and was wildly popular during his life. This statue has some fantastic cape action and detail.

While all the statues in the line are special, DC Collectibles knew they had to do something truly remarkable for the th statue, which they accomplished when they announced that it would be based on the art of legendary comic book artist, Todd McFarlane. I am very grateful to all of the art directors, sculptors and painters that have contributed and continue to keep this series the ongoing success story it is today. Crafted by Monster City Studios, the impressive recreation loomed over the crowds of people that came to visit the museum. The piece was eventually auctioned off, with the proceeds going to support the new Comic-Con Museum. Fans in attendance were able to hear from the artist, who is also a noted toy and collectible enthusiast, about the process of making the statue a reality and were able to ask him questions about the piece. While McFarlane spoke about the statue, a video of sculptor Jonathan Matthews played in the background highlighting the sculpting process. DC Collectibles repainted their life-sized, formerly full color, Bruce Timm-designed Harley Quinn statue in black and white.

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In the midst of the chaos and excitement that is San Diego Comic-Con, DC Collectibles reached a milestone as its long-running Batman: Black.
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In celebration of the 80th anniversary of Batman, Warner Bros. Do you have two or three favorites from along the way? Jim Fletcher: This is one of the hardest questions that I get asked but some of my top favorites are Jonathan Matthews, Kim Jung-Ji and of course we will give a shout-out to the th statue by Todd McFarlane. The look seems deeply influenced by his famous Batman cover. What are the biggest differences between that art and the statue? Fletcher: First of all, let me say how thrilled we were to work with Todd, since we have been talking about this project for years. As for the changes between the cover and the statue, we removed the woman that Batman is holding his cape over.



Batman Black and White Statues



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  1. One of DC's biggest successes over the past couple years has been the alternate universe story Batman: White Knight written and illustrated by Sean Murphy.

  2. One of DC's biggest successes over the past couple years has been the alternate universe story Batman: White Knight written and illustrated by Sean Murphy.

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