The short and happy life of francis macomber

The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

the short and happy life of francis macomber

Ernest Hemingway - Author - Mini Bio - BIO

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Hemingway introduces the three principal characters, Francis Macomber , his wife Margot, and their safari guide Richard Wilson, over cocktails in the afternoon on the African plain following a morning of hunting. Macomber and his wife are wealthy Americans hoping to revitalize their sometimes-foundering marriage with a romantic African safari and Wilson is a jaded Englishman who runs safaris for wealthy tourists for a living. Macomber expresses his embarrassment to Wilson once more and asks Wilson not to mention his cowardice to mutual acquaintances. This is too much for Wilson, who insults Macomber in an attempt to estrange himself from husband and wife and set up an atmosphere of professional coolness for the remainder of the safari. Macomber is too friendly, however, and Wilson ends up both liking and pitying him. In the late afternoon, Macomber and Wilson go off together and shoot impala while Margot stays behind in camp looking, as Wilson puts it, like an English rose though she is American.

Gloom is in the air but everyone is "pretending that nothing had happened" 1. A crowd of natives has just carried Francis Macomber triumphantly into camp. Macomber, a good-looking athletic type, has just blown it on a lion hunting adventure and now everyone knows he's a coward. Macomber's wife can't contain her resentment and humiliation about her husband's breakdown on the hunt. This is not a proud moment for the Macombers. Meanwhile, Francis Macomber cannot stop worrying about his failure. What will other people think?

That's nothing to sniff at for an author who wrote a lot of really good shorts. This story has even been called "perfect. What exactly is so perfect about it?
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It was now lunch time and they were all sitting under the double green fly of the dining tent pretending that nothing had happened. They had a sound basis of union. Margot was too beautiful for Macomber to divorce her and Macomber had too much money for Margot ever to leave him. Now I'll stop. Ernest Hemingway's works are seldom taught in university, one professor told me, because there is nothing to say about them. I suppose this means Hemingway's lean style It might be considered Ernest Hemingway's greatest story, if not for the greater popularity of "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" , with which it is often paired.

Set in Africa, it was published in the September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine concurrently with " The Snows of Kilimanjaro ". Francis and his wife, Margot, are on a big-game safari in generalized Africa. We know that the "gun-bearers" and "personal boys" speak Swahili and sometimes receive illegal lashings, as described by the white, professional hunter and guide, Robert Wilson. Earlier, Francis had panicked when a wounded lion charged him, and Margot mocks Macomber for this act of cowardice. Wilson is critical of Macomber, presented in interior monologue, but outwardly tries to shepherd Macomber toward a more accepted "code" practiced by experienced hunters. This is Francis' thirty-five-year-old " coming of age " story. In flashback, we experience Francis' cowardly run from his wounded and charging lion.

It is noon. Francis Macomber is on an African safari; Macomber is thirty-five years old, a trim, fit man who holds a number of big-game fishing records. However, at the moment, he has just demonstrated that he is a coward. However, members of the safari are acting as though "nothing had happened. In a flashback, the reader realizes that Macomber and his beautiful wife, Margot, are wealthy Americans, and that this jaunt is their first safari and that Macomber, when faced with his first lion, bolted and fled, earning the contempt of his wife. Of course, though, she has been contemptuous of him for some time; Francis' running from the lion like a scared rabbit has only increased her dislike for her unmanly husband. She makes no secret of this as she slips off in the middle of the night for a rendezvous with the safari guide, Robert Wilson.

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