How to can tomatoes without a water bath

How to Can Tomatoes (Without A Canner)

how to can tomatoes without a water bath

Canning tomatoes is surprisingly simple. There's no need to buy an expensive pressure cooker or water-bath canner, which is no more than a large pot; you can .

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By canning tomatoes, you can enjoy that garden-fresh tomato taste in sauces, soups, and stews all year long! But if you are buying tomatoes, purchase canning tomatoes a few days in advance of the processing. Harvest when the tomatoes are ripe and no longer. In the past, tomatoes were considered a high-acid food, which suggested that they could be canned without any supplemental acid. However, we now understand that the acidity of a tomato depends on its variety and its ripeness, which makes it impossible to know for sure if it is high- or low-acid. If possible, use a scale to measure out exact amounts.

Last year I began my quest for expert canning processes. The county fair reined. Two names were synonymous with canning: a mother-and-son team, whose canned tomato sauce , salsa, relish and ketchup were racking up accolades at county fairs. Junette Young and her son, Tracy, appreciated the beauty of a preserved tomato in all its incarnations. For them, a righteously canned tomato in winter promised a taste of summer in stew, chili and spaghetti. They confided that the secret to canning was not in the technique. The winning ticket was labeled with a straightforward directive for anyone with a water bath canner.

Click HERE! Log in or Sign up. Welcome to TEG! Canning tomatoes without using a pressure cooker?? I've canned lots of tomatoes in the past and a friend of mine has also and we've never used a pressure cooker.

Canning tomatoes without using a pressure cooker??



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  1. Have you wondered about canning tomatoes, but then been overwhelmed by all the stuff it seems to require and crazy little details you are worried you might get wrong?

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