Game of thrones robin arryn

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game of thrones robin arryn

'Game of Thrones' Robin Arryn Talks Breast Milk, Finale Love from Fans - TMZ

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Fans of Game of Thrones were finally given a proper glimpse of season eight with HBO dropping the highly-anticipated official trailer this month March 5. But what happened to Robin Arryn played by Lino Facioli in recent seasons? The death of his father Jon Arryn is what ostensibly kicked off the action of the entire series, as he was serving as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon Mark Addy. A memorable moment from this season is Sansa slapping Robin when he becomes increasing petulant over building a castle made from snow. Robin makes a brief appearance in season six when he is seen taking sparring lessons, which prove difficult due to his frail condition and sheltered childhood.

Game of Thrones actor Lino Facioli was surprised to wake up to an overwhelming number of notifications on his phone on Monday morning. I never know how to react with compliments. Facioli, 18, said he was about 8 or 9 years old when he first auditioned for the role of Robin, who was originally supposed to be named Ronald Arryn, and just a few weeks after the audition he accepted the part and started filming in Belfast. When Facioli first got involved with GoT , he too young to realize how massive the show would be. After appearing in Season 1, Robin shows up again briefly in Seasons 4, 5, and 6. He got a call last May to make a grand return on the show one final time, then spent two weeks filming the scene in Seville, Spain.

Bran somehow wound up king of pretty much everything , while Sansa rules over a seceded North and Arya got her hands on a ship and sailed off into the sunset. But things worked especially well for Sweet Robin Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie and Defender of the Vale, who surprised Thrones fans with his impressive glow up. Robin is the cousin of Sansa, Arya, and Bran, the son of their kooky aunt, Lysa Tully, and her husband, Jon Arryn, the Hand to King Robert Baratheon whose death served as the motivating incident behind the entire show. Played by British-Brazilian actor Lino Facioli, the now year-old was just a kid when he first appeared in Season One in When we first met him, the wildly overprotective Lysa was still breastfeeding the kid, though he was already grade school-aged.

Lord Robin Arryn, commonly called "Sweetrobin" by his mother, is the only surviving child and heir of Lord Jon Arryn by his wife, Lysa of House Tully, who served.
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The Game of Thrones series finale had a moment like that. Actor Lino Facioli, now 18 years old, appeared in the conclusion to Game of Thrones season 8 after that awkward hug between Jon and Dany played out. He was spotted among the lords and ladies of Westeros who all gathered to choose who should rule the now Six Kingdoms , with the Seventh, the North, becoming an independent nation. Fans took notice — and Facioli took notice of the fans taking notice. Viewers, understandably, have a lot of feelings over HotRobinArryn.

There were plenty of loose ends to tie up on Sunday night's Game of Thrones series finale , including finding out who would live and who would die. One of the biggest questions, though, was figuring out who would get the Iron Throne. Interestingly, the most surprising reveal during that sequence wasn't actually who got the Iron Throne—though that was shocking —but seeing one character's major glow-up from past seasons. That character? Robin Arryn, played by Lino Facioli. When we first met Robin in season four, he was basically the worst. He was entitled, spoiled, and rude to Sansa after she'd escaped the evil clutches of the Lannisters.

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Lord Robin Arryn , commonly called " Sweetrobin " by his mother, is the only surviving child and heir of Lord Jon Arryn by his wife, Lysa of House Tully , who served as Robin's regent during his minority. Petyr was left the Lord Protector of the Vale until his execution , leaving Robin the sole ruler of the Vale. - Robin Arryn is the sickly, immature son of Jon and Lysa Arryn, who died after being poisoned and pushed out a window respectively.

The battle for the Iron Throne is nearing its conclusion, as Game of Thrones gears up for a final season - and the question of who will sit upon it is in the front of every fan's mind. But while there are some clear favorites, there's an outlier that no one is talking about: Robin Arryn. The young Lord of the Vale hasn't played a huge part in the series so far, but that doesn't mean that his story is finished quite yet - Game of Thrones is all about plot twists, after all. As the Lord of the Vale and the leader of one of the Seven Kingdoms, Robin Arryn may be perfectly poised to take the Throne while the rest of Westeros is in chaos While he's certainly not a fan favorite choice to ultimately sit on the Iron Throne, it would present a major twist, one that's very fitting for the series, and he could have a more logical path to the throne than any of the other major characters in play. Thus far, Robin Arryn has existed as a side character; a spoiled little boy who is being used by those around him. Fans were introduced to the character in season 1, when he was given one of the more appalling opening scenes in the show: the sight of an eight-year-old still breastfeeding, while on the throne with his mother, Lysa.



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