New charge while on probation

Probation Violations: What to Expect

new charge while on probation

The 4 Types of Probation

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Many people who are currently on probation community supervision have this concern haunting them every day and night: What happens if I get a new charge while on probation? Yes, it can be a violation of your probation to be charged with a new crime. Your probation grant can be revoked, and you can be sentenced to jail or prison—not only on the probation charge, but on the new charge, too. In many cases, your lawyer may be able to get your probation grant reinstated, especially if the new charge gets dismissed. You now know the answer to this question: What happens if I get a new charge while on probation?

Committing a new criminal offense while on probation is a violation of probation.
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Under the conditions of your probation, you must not commit any new crimes, or your probation grant can be revoked. To find out, keep reading. As it is with many things in life, what will happen to you will depend on the circumstances. The severity of the new charge will affect the ultimate outcome. That means your probation officer will decide whether to complete a petition to revoke your probation based on the following:.

When a person is on probation in Arizona, the unserved portion of incarceration is suspended until the probation terms and length of terms are successfully completed. Under A. A revocation hearing will be requested to determine if a violation of probation was committed and if it rises to the level of sufficiency to revoke probation. If the probationer pleads guilty, or the court finds that relevant probation terms were violated, it may add to, or modify the current conditions. The court in its discretion may also revoke probation completely, at any time before the expiration or termination of the probationary period. If the court revokes the defendant's probation and the defendant is serving more than one probationary term concurrently, that person may be re-sentenced to serve the terms of incarceration consecutively.

What Happens if I Get a New Charge While on Probation?

Mesa 21 Defenses for Probation Violations with New Criminal Charges

Being arrested and receiving a new charge while on probation is a terrifying prospect, especially if it causes more legal and financial problems for you. The failure to honor these could mean you are facing jail time and even more financial fines. The fact that you were arrested at all is going to trigger some consequences. In most cases, your probation order will contain a clause that says you must report an arrest within a specific amount of time. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

What happens if I get a new charge while on probation in Alabama?



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