Westworld season 2 finale review

Westworld Season 2 Finale Recap: Diving Deeper Into 'The Passenger'

westworld season 2 finale review

Every week for the second season of Westworld, three Atlantic staffers will discuss new episodes of HBO's cerebral sci-fi drama.

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Maeve made a triumphant escape, and survived long enough to usher her daughter to safety in a kind of robot paradise coded by Ford. Akecheta also made it to the other side, and a reunion with Kohana that was one of the most poignant moments of the season. Sizemore went out in a blaze of glory that seemed unnecessary, logically? We get it! Lives are stories and the authors are us. Over in the human world, Bernard has been re-created by Dolores to be her necessary antagonist, just as he re-created her after realizing humans were innately wired for survival. And this is all to say nothing of the post-credits reveal that the Man in Black is possibly a host, being tested for fidelity by his daughter who is possibly not dead but older.

The predictability of the loops brings a necessary order to the operation, like the control group in an experiment in which the guests are the ones doing all the improvising. Dolores and Maeve have spent the second season marshaling the other hosts to their will, one through a ruthless winnowing of forces and the other through admin powers that resemble ESP or a kind of witchcraft. Bernard seemed to be coaching Dolores until the tables were turned. But then Dr. He was responsible for the Maze. He was responsible for the Door. Is he in control?

The first season of Westworld held a somewhat common dramatic shape: After a raucous start, it slowly devolved into some narrative wheel-spinning before it came roaring back to life with some late-game fireworks. Season two has been a trickier beast. Even the ending series of vignettes play out with little dramatic purpose, an inhuman series of speeches where characters seem to lecture one another rather than discuss or fight. But this time, there is no real purpose in holding it back. Maybe the show is just like Lucille Bluth and it gets off on being withholding. At least the beginning showed promise.

Before the final credits roll in Westworld 's Season Two finale, a new version of Bernard opens a door to what, we can assume, is the real world. Within the context of the Season Two finale of Westworld , this song has a couple of other fitting meanings. It could refer to the way in which the minds of humans are represented inside the Forge as leather-bound books. We end at the beginning, with an apocalyptic flood that has only drowned the sins of the guests in this doomed sci-fi theme park. To put simply, some of these hosts reached The Valley Beyondwhich turned out to be a virtual paradise for their programming to live freely.

Westworld finale recap: season 2, episode 10 who will make it out alive?

Do not read unless you have watched season two, episode - Season 2 of Westworld was at its best when it prioritized the journeys of the hosts instead of baiting the audience, and while "The Passenger" had moments of undisputed brilliance and poetry, much of the emotional impact was blunted by the needlessly convoluted timeline and its desire to shock us with twists. The "Mystery Box" method of storytelling had diminishing returns even for Lost, which arguably kicked off that trend, so if Westworld wants to evolve in Season 3, it would benefit from a little less emphasis on narrative gymnastics and a little more confidence in its talented roster of performers, who are more than capable of engaging their audience without all the guesswork.

You gotta hand it to HBO: Their shows know how to deliver explosive endings. No matter how uneven the season of television that came before it, the finales are always blue-fire-breathing game-changers. They may not always be narratively-warranted or cogent, but they are explosive. Which brings us to the end of Westworld Season 2. Does none of this make sense? Read our recap here. It was a whiplash-inducing, extra-long episode that completely rebooted the series for a whole new narrative in Season 3.

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Dolores is reading a "book" of human code in The Forge. Read part one here. The hosts put her back together. She escapes the headquarters by using the bison against the security guards and now we finally know why the opening credit has that image of the bison diving into an abyss. Lee Sizemore assumes his own cowboy character as he gives the speech and stands his ground against the security detail even as he gives the hosts time to get to the Valley Beyond. Lee is injured and possibly murdered by the security detail.




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  1. Mysteries revealed, others deepened: The finale may not have been the best Westworld episode, but it was certainly the most Westworld.

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