Dna lia marie johnson lyrics

Lia Marie Johnson – ‘DNA’

dna lia marie johnson lyrics

DNA By Lia Marie Johnson 2 hour

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Lia Marie Johnson started singing at around age 9. Barcelona - Spain. Lia Marie Johnson music videos on youtube and vevo, these are the most relevant videos found on the music category on youtube for Lia Marie Johnson, hear youtube music songs related to " Lia Marie Johnson". Stream lia marie johnson playlists including chill, Ed Sheeran, and love music. Californian Lia Marie Johnson is a singer, songwriter, actress, and online personality who first built a following as a preteen with her YouTube channel, launched in late.

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You were 12 the first time you actually saw your parents fighting. You heard something about money, how your dad was buying beer rather than paying rent and utilities.
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The song touches on the very real subjects of alcoholism and abuse, unusual topics in most pop songs released these days. Although relatively slow for a pop song, Lia nonetheless takes the opportunity to differentiate herself from the competition, which is what makes her song unique. View all posts by Niamh Parsley Moss. This is my life when dealing with my mother she is on drugs and she would abuse me and my little sister and my dad and then she left us and I been struggling. I relate to the song, because of my own father, he is an alcholic and even after my parents devorce because of that, I am still deeply attached to my father. I am afraid of becoming like him and destroying my own relationships one day, but I still love my father and never want to lose him.

Lia Marie Johnson is back with new music! Click inside for the lyrics… More Here! The visual was shot by director Sarah Bahbah , and filmed entirely on a Super 8 camera with only one chance to shoot every take. The track will appear on her upcoming EP, set to debut later this year. The social starlet dropped the song earlier this week, before chatting with them on her Instagram Stories about the track. Be sure to grab the song up on iTunes, and all digital retailers , now! The singer, who made her fame on YouTube, bravely opens up about the physical and emotional abuse she and her family suffered at the hands of her father.


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Lia Marie Johnson - DNA


DNA Lyrics: Dark as midnight, six-pack Coors Light / You don't look the same / Past my bedtime, blue and red lights / Come take you away.
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