How much does richard blade charge to dj a party

A chat with 80s DJ icon Richard Blade

how much does richard blade charge to dj a party

by Richard Blade. [email protected] Untitled. RICHARD BLADE OFFICIAL PAGE. Public Figure. [email protected]

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Wow, I cannot believe anybody has made a comment on this great post yet. This is great analysis and perspective! Logic spot on however setup costs almost as if purchasing entirely new equipment for each gig. I am a cross between beginner one level up from novice and figuring out how to quit to full time grind job to perfect that passion for this biz I know is in me. Very much I do believe and have redundant systems backup laptop, receiver, speakers, flash drives Not an advertisement just saying that knowing your music and market key elements to kill it!!

English DJ and radio personality Richard Blade has lived a very interesting life. The book, which came out back in October, is told in two parts the first half being more linear as he discusses his upbringing, the second half becoming a bit more like a memoir, told in briefer chunks, as he details his adventures after being hired at KROQ. It sounded ridiculous to me. So I realized the first half was perfect for more of an autobiography and there was a huge turning point right in the middle of the book, right when KROQ took off for me and right when my father died. It was by pure coincidence it literally almost is the exact middle of the book, page count-wise, as well.

As the sweet, upbeat music of Culture Club filled the air, patrons kicked off their shoes, raised their drinks high in the air and danced in the sand as the sun set into the Pacific Ocean during the inaugural Blade, grinning from ear to ear, let the music play and took a break from his turntables, hopping off stage to take some posed photos and selfies with patrons at the sold-out venue. The secret to a fun set, he said, is to allow an ebb and flow on the dance floor. Of course there are songs you can keep in your back pocket so to speak, the ones you know will make everyone dance. Blade got his start as a DJ while attending college in Oxford, England.

That was the start of my love of British music specifically New Wave. Their music was a major part of my adolescent life and Richard Blade was part of that era. Blade is the quintessential disc jockey of the new wave music of the 80s. After a couple of months working in LA, according to Nielsen audio, he became the 1 rated radio personality on the West Coast. Currently Blade has a regular show on Richard Blade shows no signs of slowing down.

We Bring the Club to You! Friday, August 30, Private Party Menu:. General Info. Virtual Greeting. Tell us about your upcoming dance!


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