How long does it take to become a navy pilot

Naval Aviator Requirements

how long does it take to become a navy pilot

How Did I Become a Fighter Pilot?

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Before you can even begin Navy pilot training, you must ensure you meet the naval aviator requirements. All pilots are officers in the Navy. In order to become an officer and begin Navy pilot training, you need to meet a few requirements. To join the Navy as an officer, you must be between the ages of 19 and You must be a United States citizen and have received a four-year degree from an accredited university. Officer Candidate School or OCS is a 12 week course that aims to give candidates a basic knowledge of the Navy as well as the necessary skills to be a leader.

In the U. Navy, most Naval Aviators are unrestricted line officers URL , eligible for command at sea; however, a small number of former senior enlisted personnel subsequently commissioned as line Limited Duty Officers and Chief Warrant Officers in the aviation operations technician specialty have also been trained as Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers. An even smaller number of Naval Aviators are in the U. These are either former URL officers previously designated as Naval Aviators who later attend medical school and transfer to the Medical Corps, or an even smaller percentage of "dual designator" Naval Flight Surgeons who are selected to be Student Naval Aviators and undergo pilot training as Medical Corps officers. The vast majority of Naval Flight Surgeons, although they are on flight status, are not dual designated and are not Naval Aviators.

All pilots are officers. To become an officer in the Navy, you are required to have a college education.
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Part of an elite group of soldiers, fighter pilots in the United States military help serve and protect from the air. Both active duty and reservist soldiers can become fighter pilots. The path to becoming a fighter pilot follows several steps and involves intensive and specialty training. Commissioned officers in each branch must be at least 18 years old, be a United States citizen and hold a four-year civilian or military bachelor's degree. Attend officer school. Marine pilots attend Officer Candidates School in Virginia. Pilots can also fulfill officer school requirements by joining a college-level Reserve Officers Training Corps unit.

To become a pilot in the United States Navy you must meet educational, physical and medical preconditions and complete several stages of training. The educational requirements are among the more significant and time-consuming factors in becoming a navy pilot, or naval aviator. In addition to academics, you must prepare for the physical demands of training and meet certain medical standards. The career is challenging, but can be a rewarding means to serve your country. What happens if you're unable to pass your initial Navy physical fitness test? Try again! It's true that if you can't pass a physical screening, you can't join the Navy.

All rights reserved. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. It will take the Navy at least four or five years until it can recapitalize its inventory of pilots, but by then the talent pool may be unpredictable. Both services are losing the retention battle with experienced pilots. A Defense Department report sent to Congress outlines a short fall of 1, aviator billets in the Navy — that includes pilots and navigators — in The service is experiencing higher than average pilot loss rates, especially in the mid and senior officer levels.

Path to Becoming a Fighter Pilot


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