How long does it take to become a catholic priest

Catholic Priest Requirements

how long does it take to become a catholic priest

Waiting Over 10 years to Become a Priest

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The priesthood is more than a vocation; it is a calling. The Catholic Church believes that God speaks to some men and asks that they dedicate their lives to his service. Once a priest, always a priest. If you have heard the call to the priesthood, read on for more information on how to become a priest. The path to diocesan priesthood includes many stages. These steps may vary from diocese to diocese, but follow a general formation program.

Regardless of whether someone discerns to be a Catholic priest for his The formation into religious life can and more often does take.
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The priesthood is one of the three holy orders of the Catholic Church , comprising the ordained priests or presbyters. The other two orders are the bishops and the deacons. Only men are allowed to receive holy orders, and the church does not allow any transgender people to do so. The church has different rules for priests in the Latin Church the largest Catholic particular church and in the 23 Eastern Catholic Churches. Notably, priests in the Latin Church must take a vow of celibacy , whereas most Eastern Catholic Churches permit married men to be ordained. Unlike usage in English, "the Latin words sacerdos and sacerdotium are used to refer in general to the ministerial priesthood shared by bishops and presbyters.

To become a Catholic priest, you must be a devout Roman Catholic male willing to lead an unmarried, celibate lifestyle. Integrity, virtuous character and close affiliation with a Catholic congregation will also be expected. Admission requirements for the seminary vary by diocese and religious order. In most cases, accepted applicants are between the ages of 17 and 55 years old. A criminal background check, medical examination and psychological screening are typically required. If accepted, you'll be required to undergo rigorous theological study and a process of discernment to confirm your calling to the priesthood leading to ordination.

Nicholas Duncan center , serves at the diaconate ordination Mass of Fidel Mondragon. Are you doing that here in town? The second reaction is a look of shock and awe, followed by a confusing stare. What could you be studying for all those years? A blessing here, a homily there, what else could there be?


Becoming a Catholic priest is a serious decision. -


A call to priesthood is an invitation to enter more fully into the life of God. A man doesn't study for priesthood, he is 'formed' as the clay is formed into a vessel of.
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  1. To become a Catholic priest, you can join a religious order, or you can become a secular priest, attached to a particular diocese. I spent a year.

  2. My diocese website says that it take six to eight years to become ordained a deacon and then a priest half a year after that.

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