100 whole wheat pizza dough

How to Make 100% Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

100 whole wheat pizza dough

Truly the easiest % whole wheat pizza dough recipe. Mix it in the food processor, minimal kneading and no rising time required. Dinner in 30 minutes!.

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This fail proof whole wheat pizza dough recipe will have you creating delicious and healthy pizza crusts in no time at all and is the perfect Five Ingredient Friday recipe to start with! And just as the year is new, so is my resolve to eat a little healthier. And what better way to start eating healthier than enjoying a favorite food like pizza? The problem is, sometimes pizza dough can be very tricky to make and comes out a little lack-luster. The dough should be sticky to touch.

This crispy, chewy whole wheat pizza dough makes a delicious canvas for all kinds of tasty toppings. Bake up a homemade thin crust pizza tonight! Pizza doughs are fun to make, always delicious, and you really feel like you accomplished something pretty cool! Call me boring, but I love a classic margherita pizza with fresh mozz, tomatoes and basil. Made with only whole wheat flour, it comes together quickly, only rises about an hour, and cooks in a flash.

Healthy and delicious! Prep 15 min Total 1 hr 30 min Servings 1. By Girl Versus Dough. Steps Hide Images. In a small bowl, combine yeast, water and 1 tsp sugar. Let sit for five minutes.

I love pizza.
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Looking for a delicious homemade whole wheat pizza dough you can make at home? Look no further, this recipe will be your new best friend. I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine was. We spent the better half of the weekend catching up on chores and packing for our trip to Cabo. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I suppose most of the recipes out there do so because whole wheat flour can be dense and on the drier side.

Fail Proof Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

How To Make Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

The Easiest Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

I take a gulp of wine for courage. But I think we can do even better than Digiorno. Enter homemade pizza dough. Yes, it does take more patience than frozen pizza, but the results are worth it. Your only limit is the size of the pie! Preheat the stone along with your oven for at least a half hour while the pizza dough rises is perfect. Bonus: pizza stones are great for baking loaves of bread, reheating leftover homemade pizza, and even gasp!

I have no patience for fussy baked goods I always mess them up. Trust me when I say I searched to the ends of the internet to find a simple, foolproof, quick whole wheat pizza dough recipe. I went through a couple of bags of flour in the process. Things got messy. I think it was because I was making it with whole wheat pastry flour. No thanks. Finally, I turned to one of my favorite bloggers and sweetest friends, Melissa of The Fauxmartha.




A fluffy, soft pizza crust made with % whole wheat flour. Healthy and delicious !.
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