150 ohm resistor color code

150R / 150 ohm Resistor Colour Code

150 ohm resistor color code

Resistance. Resistor Color Code. Band 1. Band 2. Band ohm. R Red . ohm. R. Brown. Green. Brown. ohm. R. Brown. Gray. Brown.

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Red Black Gold Gold - color code for resistor 2 Ohm. Color code calculator will paint stripes on the image of the resistor in the corresponding colors. If desired denomination does not in list, then it either does not exist in the standard series, or value more than 1Mohm values above are not all , or it belongs to a series E Then watch for messages of color code calculator. Brown Red Red Gold - color code for 1. Blue, Red, Red, Gold - color code for resistor 6. Brown, Gray, Yellow, Gold - color code for resistor k.

Resistor is a component with a specific resistance, used to control the current in a circuit. The unit of resistance is the Ohm, and the symbol for resistance is the Greek letter omega W. How to read Resistor Color Codes? Each color band strip, ring etc. Starting from the other end, identify the first color band and write down the number associated with that color as in the chart above.

Bidirectional resistor color code calculator (color to value and value to color). Color band errors warning and mistake correction. Color code table and examples.
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Axial leaded resistors are generally marked with their value using one of the following color coding systems. Sometimes the color bands can be confusing as sensible but different values can be read in each direction. If in doubt use a multimeter to check the value. Also, resistors are manufactured in standard values - so the color bands should correspond to one of those values - see below. Some high precision resistors have their value, precision and temperature coefficient printed on the resistor body as the color bands can not adequately describe their properties.

Resistors restrict the flow of electric current, for example a resistor is placed in series with a light-emitting diode LED to limit the current passing through the LED. Resistance is measured in ohms, symbol omega. Most resistors are too small to show their resistance as a printed number. For information on resistors connected in series and parallel please see the resistance page. Resistor values are often written on circuit diagrams using a code system which avoids using a decimal point because it is easy to miss the small dot. Instead the letters R, K and M are used in place of the decimal point.

150 ohm [150 ? 1/2W], 1/2 Watt Resistor (Pack of 5)

Resistor Color Coding - 15000 ohm - 150k +-- 5%

150? Resistor Color Code

The calculator above will display the value , the tolerance and performs a simple check to verify if the calculated resistance matches one of the EIA standard values. Hover above the tolerance for min. If you want to find out the color bands for a value, use the tool on the left. You can also type in resistor values in shorthand notation like 1k5, 4M7 or R. E series: 0. Enter the first five colors.

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  1. R / ohm Resistor Colour Code headings chart. Value, ?. Type, 4 Band Colour Code System. Colour Code, Brown, Green, Brown, Gold. Multiplier.

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