Best irons for seniors 2018

Best irons for seniors Complete Buying Guide

best irons for seniors 2018



After all, all you have to do is hit a ball and follow it around a course. How hard can that be? The reality is: it is not as simple as it seems. It needs strength, accuracy, speed, flexibility etc. These are some of the functionalities people lose as they age.

When you are over the age of 50, you might feel a slight decrease in strength, flexibility and general fitness. Golf is far more forgiving than other demanding sports like tennis or football. At the same time, it still requires stability, speed and strength to drive the ball hundreds of yards. Manufacturers create clubs for seniors, to offset the decline in performance and make your experience more enjoyable. In this comparison review, we will look at some of the best golf clubs for seniors available in on the market today and how to find the right one for you. Jump to the full reviews.

With that in mind, brands are adapting and are starting to make increasingly more and better individual clubs and club sets intended for senior players. Compared to thirty or forty years ago, senior golfers now have much, much more options and choosing the best one can be daunting for some people. The reason for that, mainly, is lack of relevant, up to date tutorials on this topic. Hence, my reason for writing this buying guide. TaylorMade M4 Combo set includes clubs that are very well crafted and designed to last. I think the quality and amazing design is worth every penny. Clubs in this set are very well designed and with proper training, ensures that your results will be improved.

Looking for the best iron set for seniors? Check these out! Check out my new update () for a tad more distance, forgiveness, and overall.
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Lightweight, yet sturdy, the Strata set is perfect for the senior golfer looking to start their golfing journey or for those ready to get rid of their old clubs and splurge on a collection of new clubs. Highlighted by the dynamic titanium cc driver, the Strata has a solid duo of woods and a single hybrid that deliver a solid punch with every swing. The 3-wood and 5-hybrid do an admirable job at getting the ball into the air and down the fairway with maximum forgiveness. The perimeter-weighted irons are well built and have a huge sweet spot to help even those off-center strikes. Rounding out the set is a degree pitching wedge and a mallet putter that is smooth throughout the putting stroke. The clubs included in the set are very forgiving , making them ideal for senior golfers. The clubs in this set offer very decent playability and excellent performance in distance.

These irons will make you feel like a better player than you are without you even noticing. The goal of game improvement irons is pretty straightforward: They aim to make you hit shots that are hotter, higher and farther. In other words, how to make you feel like a better player than you are without you even noticing. The wheelhouse for these clubs is the true middle handicapper and perhaps even the high single-digit player who is secure enough to check their ego in exchange for playing better golf as long as the club looks pretty close to conventional. How do they seemingly arrive at the best of all worlds? By employing technologies such as thin, wraparound cupfaces for distance or tungsten weighting to boost forgiveness and launch.

The new releases have the following that you should look for in irons:. Below are 5 sets of irons that are perfect for senior golfers, as they offer all of the benefits of new technology and make hitting golf balls much easier and therefore more enjoyable! The TaylorMade M2 irons are easily my top pick for the best irons for seniors. The engineers at TM have set a new industry standard of golf clubs for players with slower swing speeds by pairing a lower center of gravity and decreased lofts in their irons. With this combination, balls easily fly long and high, creating the perfect trajectory for crazy distance. The distance is even multiplied due to the thin, hot club face of the TaylorMade M2 irons.

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