Best cam for 5.3 lm7

Good cam for stock 5.3 (lm7)

best cam for 5.3 lm7

With the availability of engine swap kits, it just makes good sense to use Gen. LM7 cam swap photo by Power & Performance News.


This 5. III, 5. With the availability of engine swap kits , it just makes good sense to use Gen. Although the iron block LM7 is a bit heavier, you can really pour the coals to it. Because of their strength, these engines are likely to see a power-adder sooner than later. This article is focused on the power-adder pathway for upgrading the LM7, whether it will remain in a truck or be swapped into a car.

Here is a common question among LS engine enthusiasts: My buddy, Joe, just bought a new cam for his 6. Is that a good cam for the 5. Heck, we even threw in the L33 aka H. We wrestled with valvesprings, cams sensors, and differing bolt patterns to get all these cams into the engine and on the pump. The result is a guide that will help you select the best OE GM cam for your 5.

Log in or Sign up. Good cam for stock 5. Jul 29, at PM 1. I've searched around and can't really find what I'm looking for. The main bearings went bad in my engine causing low oil pressure so I'm having to replace them and and going to be adding a cam while I have it out.

We have covered this phenomenon time and time again and always with the same results. This started back when Chevy first introduced the original cathedral-port, 5. The factory cathedral-port combinations responded so well to cam swaps that enthusiasts were worried when Chevy replaced them with the LS3 and L92, rec-port heads. Their fears were soon put to rest, as despite the tremendous increase in airflow offered by the new rec-port heads, the LS3 family was just as receptive as the previous generation, cathedral-port applications. The reason both types of LS motors are so receptive to cam changes is they possess everything else required to make power, including an effective combination of displacement, compression and most importantly head flow. The only area lacking to produce amazing power is more aggressive cam timing. Run on the dyno with the stock cam, the 5.

Show us another engine that will deliver 70 hp with a simple cam swap! We added a mild Isky cam, valvesprings, and lifters and added 70 big ones. It was too easy. Our dyno victim started life as a LM7 5. GM has built millions of them.

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