Dawn redwood vs bald cypress

Bald Cypress Vs Dawn Redwood

dawn redwood vs bald cypress

Is this a Dawn Redwood or a Bald Cypress tree

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Metasequoia Metasequoia glyptostroboides , or dawn redwood , is a fast-growing deciduous tree, one of three species of conifers known as redwoods, and the sole living species in its genus. It is native to Lichuan county in Hubei province, China. Although the shortest of the redwoods , it grows to at least feet 50 meters in height. Local villagers refer to the original tree from which most others derive as Shui-sa , or "water fir", which is part of a local shrine. Since its rediscovery in , the dawn redwood has become a popular ornamental, with examples found in various parks in a variety of countries. Together with Sequoia sempervirens coast redwood and Sequoiadendron giganteum giant sequoia of California , Metasequoia is classified in the Cupressaceae subfamily Sequoioideae. Sequoioideae and several other genera have been transferred from the former family Taxodiaceae to Cupressaceae based on DNA analysis.

Sequoia trees are the largest trees in the world. However, the dawn redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides is often planted in landscapes, and although it is too big for most private gardens, it can be a wonderful addition in public parks, as a boulevard tree, or in large estates or farms. It does quite well in damp soils, so can be a good choice for large rain garden locations. Dawn redwood grows quickly into a large tree with a pyramidal shape. The bark becomes deeply fissured as the tree matures, and the base of the tree forms a wide flare. They turn shades of red and brown in autumn before falling; this is one of the few deciduous conifers. The fruit is a 1-inch female oval cone.

Bald Cypress vs. Dawn Redwood?? dcsTREESinNC. January 24, Please compare these 2 species. I am considering planting one or the other for a.
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A large, conical-shaped tree reaching 70 to feet high. Dawn redwood is closely related to bald cypress Taxodium and redwood Sequoia. The fern-like feathery foliage emerges light green in spring, changing to dark green in summer, then a russet-brown in autumn. It grows best in large landscapes. This plant has some cultivated varieties.

Autumn leaf coloration is better than BC in my opinion More tolerant of shade, compared to BC Cultivars with golden-yellow foliage are stunning not sure if there are equivalent BC cultivars Both are highly tolerant of wet soils Easier to transplant had issues with BC when bare-rooted, none with DR Finally, if I remember correctly, the DR seems to hold its foliage longer into Autumn here into November. Spring foliage is somewhat more vulnerable to extremes of temperature premature heat, late frost. May be less tolerant of temperature extremes and drought than BC, preferring more somewhat moderate eastern zones with reliable precipitation. Requires more space than BC my BC is near a property line and seems much more vertical, compact and less intrusive than the DR. Some may consider it a less elegant tree than BC, others may prefer the unique appearance of DR's. Prehistorically, DR's were found throughout North America but in modern time became isolated to a remote valley in China. And 'native' BC's are being grown in areas well beyond their modern range.

Bald Cypress vs. Dawn Redwood??

I've been considering planting Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides or Bald Cypress Taxodium distichum , eventually decided to grow a few of each but now wonder for my purposes and situation if that's necessary. From what I understand Dawn redwood will grow faster and get larger than Bald Cypress which is desirable.

Dawn Redwood: Plant Profile

Wayne's Word. Noteworthy Plants. Biology T he traditional taxodium family Taxodiaceae contains ten genera and 16 species of cone-bearing trees native to North America, Asia and Tasmania. Because of their scale-like leaves, seed cones and other characteristics, some botanists have consolidated the Taxodiaceae with the cypress family Cupressaceae. In fact, the seed cones of bald cypress Taxodium certainly resemble those of the true cypress Cupressus. Leaves of the Cupressaceae are opposite in four ranks or whorled, while those of the Taxodiaceae are mostly alternate; however, vegetative characteristics are not reliable for differentiation between families.

There is also a Dawn Redwood in the rear of the property at Belvidere. It is more magnificent then the one in front. But boy is it a yankee gutter filler, HA. Post a Comment. Sunday, June 17, Dawn redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides. Those who think of New Jersey as home to such phenomena as the Sopranos, suburban sprawl, and pay-to-play politics should know this: the Garden State is also home to the best collection of dawn redwoods in the country.



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