I almost dropped my croissant vine

13 Iconic Food Vines That'll Make You Almost Drop Your Croissant

i almost dropped my croissant vine

vines that almost made me drop my croissant

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Oleedia Pemble Harris January 26, Oleedia Pemble Harris. They are first year students that attend Temple University in Philadelphia and after visiting a Barnes and Noble store they got a copy of the best selling poetry book, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. After reading the book they got inspired and a year later they became authors. When they finally decided to write and publish their own book they determined that the book would be dedicated to the legendary video platform Vine.

What makes it iconic: Her immaculate pantry organization. Her beautiful blue chambray. And of course, the ketchup. The laugh. The way the Sim-like word flows off your tongue. What makes it iconic: Sandra Lee's casual expressions as she pours a quarter bottle of vodka into her cocktail shaker. What makes it iconic: How the song instantly gets stuck in your head.

This beautiful natural carnelian gemstone is a honey-colored sunlight and summer warmth caught in a stone form. It's a unique, one of a kind fantasy-styled pendant waiting for its owner. La vida no trata de encontrarse a uno mismo, sino de crearse a uno mismo. Nature is truly a blessing and to be able to see all of these is an even greater blessing!! Will continue to post the remaining pictures from Bolivia before embarking on my next trip. I worked with something new again!!!

First Action Second Action. Almost Dropped His Croissant. I coulda dropped my croissant! You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. MP3 MP4. The Bee Movie trailer but everytime someone says bee someone almost drops their croissant Play. Perfect to stick on laptops, phones, walls, everywhere.

I could've dropped my croissant


What does this adorable child say to his sheep? Vine Say cheese Let's call an Uber Massage? OK pig 2. This young man was asked about the hottest Uber driver he ever had. What was his response? Youtube How do you expect me to remember that?







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  1. a famous vine in which a guy is holding a plate of food. another guy is standing on the stairs and yells to make the food guy jump. the food guy.

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