Dog bounty hunter wife now

'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star Duane Chapman reveals wife's last words

dog bounty hunter wife now

Whatever Happened To Dog The Bounty Hunter

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She was We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side. The exact same time. She was surrounded by family and Dog was there, holding her hand. Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. Details here. At the time, Chapman had surgery and underwent a rocky recovery period, but by November the family announced that she was cancer free. Several dubious websites or social media pages have created clickbait that apparently generated rumors Chapman had passed away. Factually speaking, however, Chapman was hospitalized and released.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is mourning the loss of his wife. Remembering his wife, Dog noted how Beth fought until the very end and insisted on beating the cancer diagnosis in her own way. He also shared how Beth had sweetly left him notes to find around their home together after she had died. She wanted to live so bad and she fought so long, and the reason she fought, she liked life but she wanted to show people how to beat it and what to do when it got her. You get mad at them, and then you go through all these steps. And as the Chapman family continues to mourn the loss of their wife and mother, Dog said he is turning to his religion to help him cope.

Where is Dog the Bounty Hunter now?

Dog the Bounty Hunter Reveals Wife Beth Chapman's Last Words

DOG the Bounty Hunter revealed he is praying to God every day to "heal my honey" after his wife Beth's "incurable" cancer spread to her lungs. The US reality TV star said his wife was "not doing good" and was "facing the facts" of her illness. I cry all the time. I'm a sinner. I pray a lot. I have done double that.

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