Fresh air systems for basements

How to Ventilate a Basement

fresh air systems for basements

EZ-Breathe - All-Dry Basement Systems

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Many homes have damp basements that are stale, musty or smelly because of seasonal water issues, sump pits, floor drains or general lack of air exchange. Includes dehumidistat control and magnetic draft stops to prevent unwanted air from entering your home. Plug XchangeR fans into dehumidistat control and plug control into standard outlet. Use X2R in applications where outside hood must be located in a different room than the fans are installed in. The X2R includes magnetic draft stops to prevent unwanted air from entering your home. It does not include a dehumidistat control so that it can be paired with the type of control that best fits the application.

More than any other room in the house, the basement can become a repository of unpleasant odors, moisture problems, mold growth and other indoor pollutants. Unventilated basements are not only prone to musty odors and mildew, the basement is also commonly used to store household chemicals. Paints, solvents, automobile products and cleaning products slowly release chemicals into the air. In an unventilated space, these chemicals build up and produce a toxic environment. Ventilating the basement exhausts polluted or musty air and draws in fresh air from outdoors. There are two basic methods for basement ventilation: natural and mechanical, both with their advantages and disadvantages. Due to its position below ground, moisture from the earth seeps in through the floor and walls.

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Do I Have Poor Basement Ventilation?

EZ Breathe creates a much needed path of escape for the dirty basement air and introduces the existing clean, dry air from upstairs to replace that damp, polluted air., Home Dealers and distributors. Better air.

The importance of venting your basement is a building science myth that leads to rot, mold, musty odors, and high utility bills. For several decades, there has been a push from builders and contractors to ventilate below grade spaces with outside air. This includes designing vents into crawl spaces and basements. After a lifetime of this practice, we know that basements and crawl spaces are notoriously damp, moldy spaces. If vents were doing their job, then how could this be? Does the structure need more ventilation? At Basement Systems, we use clear, simple building science to explain why our methods of sealing and drying basements have been used successfully in basements all over Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.






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  1. The EZ Breathe Basement Venitlation System will reverse the natural “stack effect ” in the existing clean, dry air from upstairs to replace that damp, polluted air.

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