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Pokemon Go July Field Research - Research Breakthrough, Rewards

september field research pokemon go

2 days ago r/TheSilphRoad: Grassroots network of Pokemon GO™ trainers. The Silph Road enables Does anyone know if the Pokemon rewards (Latios, Latias, Groudon & Kyogre) will be changing in September? It's been about what.

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To catch Entei, you need to complete seven different Field Research Tasks on seven different days. Then unpack the Research Breakthrough reward to start the encounter. You can use your own Pokeballs and Berries to help catch Entei and it will never flee. If you start your Field Research tasks track on September 1, you can get up to four Entei. However, if you started the track in late August and complete the 7th Field Research task on either September 1 or 2 and then continue completing a Field Research task every day after that, you can catch up to five Entei. Be sure to use Pinap Berries when catching Entei to get more Candy afterwards, as user kashifaz suggests. Since Candy for powering up Entei is only awarded for catching Entei, transferring Entei, walking 20 KM with Entei as your buddy, or using Rare Candies from Raids, it is hard to come by.

Here's everything you need to know, including all the details for the field research quests, tasks and rewards in August Pokemon GO Field Research will refresh for the month ahead later tonight, but the changes this month might not be as drastic as in past months. If you're new to the game, or getting back into the swing of things after a few months away, then let us quickly explain how this works. Every day, players will spin PokeStops and as collect field research quests from Professor Oak. These are utterly random and the quest for each PokeStop changes with each passing day. Out of everything, it's the latter which are the most popular. Not only have you got a good chance of catching some semi-rare pokemon, but also, better odds of catching a shiny.

6 days ago 30, Pokemon Go players will find, hatch, and raid against more water-types Pokemon Go Water Festival event guide: Field Research and rewards Tekken Tag Tournament are free on Xbox Games With Gold in September.
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This is a little disappointing for players who liked a frequent change of pace, but it does make it a little easier to remember which quests are the most rewarding. Win a Gym Battle — Bulbasaur shiny available , Charmander shiny available , Squirtle shiny available. Power Up Pokemon 5 times — Bulbasaur shiny available , Charmander shiny available , Squirtle shiny available. There are some high value rewards in this batch, but after a few month's worth of opportunities, many PoGO players have already acquired everything they needed from this group and the list is starting to get a bit stale. Switching to a seasonal sort of rotation for the long list of tasks would be a bit of an adjustment from the original monthly rotations, but it likely saves a lot of time for the developers and removes some margin for error, thanks to less code changing on a month to month basis. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

There's brand new Field Research to be completed in Pokemon Go right now, for all players. In this Pokemon Go July Field Research guide , we'll be walking you through everything you need to accomplish for the month of July , including a complete look at the various Pokemon Go July Research rewards , including Kyogre, Groudon, Latios and Latias. And, as always with Pokemon Go Field Research, you'll have the opportunity to get hold of some elite Pokemon, should you complete the Research Breakthrough. Field Research Quests are comprised of general, day to day tasks which you can complete naturally while playing Pokemon Go. They involve spinning a certain amount of PokeStops, Catching a certain number of a certain pokemon type and more. Make sure you check regularly to see if you can collect any Field Research rewards by tapping on the Binoculars icon and heading to the research menu.

Thanks to trainers around the world completing the Global Challenge, the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date has been announced as part of three weeks of Ultra Bonuses. Pokemon Go players banded together to fulfil all the requirements in the Global Challenge and as a reward, there's a series of Ultra Bonuses to be had, which includes the Pokemon Go A Thousand-Year Slumber quest; also known as the only way to get Jirachi. Before we get on to all of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonuses coming over the next few weeks, let's look at the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release date so players know when they can get their hands on Pokemon from the Unova region. There's no confirmation of all the available Gen 5 Pokemon, but there are a few we know about already. Snivy , Oshawott , and Tepig - the three Gen 5 starters - will all be available, as will their evolutions. You'll also be able to get your hands on Patrat , Lillipup , and Klink , since shiny versions of these three have been confirmed too.

List of Research Breakthrough rewards

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Pokemon Go players will enjoy three weeks of bonuses and perks for completing this summer's Global Challenges.

Field Research for July & August

Field research tasks and rewards change every month, but now there are plenty of additions to that monthly cycle, with many special events and limited features getting their own Research quests as well - such as July's Go Fest Global research tasks rewards. As for the individual August Field Research rewards via community work on the Silph Road subreddt and other datamines like this from LeekDuck , which also includes a new form of Spinda , they are as follows:. It's also worth knowing that the quests and associated rewards on offer rotate in a monthly basis. Additionally, some quests can have different rewards, so 'Make 5 Nice Throws' could offer you Balls or the chance to catch a mystery creature. So if you want a new quest you'll need to spin another stop. Completing one Field Research quest per day will give you a stamp. Get seven stamps - which will take seven days - completes something known as a Research Breakthrough.

Completing a Research Task will unlock rewards. The more challenging a task, the greater the reward will be. The task will consist of an objective and a reward for completing it. If the task awards items, it will disclose what item and quantity on the task itself. Instead you can refer to the handy graphic on this page.

Weather bonuses are not applied for these types of encounters. A player can choose to discard a task to free up space for another.

Pokemon GO August 2019 Research Quest Rewards: What are the August Field Research Quests?




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  1. Field Research tasks or quests if you prefer are picked up from Pokestops and are essentially random, though quests and rewards change from month to month.

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