Get down to the funky sound

The Philly Sound Get Down: Funky Philly Instrumentals

get down to the funky sound

(boobadidoo) Yeeeees go to the funky bunky sound Funk Funk Funk Yeeeeee Get down to the funky sounds Boooobadidoo Sound is funky.

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No original labels or release dates grace this package of two dozen Philadelphia funk rarities, presumably from the late '60s and possibly very early '70s by the sound of things. Nor do the paragraph-long liner notes offer any clues about who these cats were, and whether all of this stuff was even officially released at the time. In a way, though, that's cool, making you feel almost as though you're an archeologist digging up unidentified objects from a civilization that, while certainly not lost, isn't exactly well documented. For all its relative anonymity, however, the quality of the music is pretty good. Many of the cuts bear a specifically Philly regional spin on the funk sound: horn sections that sound as if they've sneaked off the football field to get into something hipper, peppy and upbeat rhythms, and a certain sweetness to the melodies and arrangements that set them apart from the more gutbucket variety of funk being ground out by James Brown and his imitators. There might not be anything here as hit-worthy as the chart singles by Booker T.

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Members of Brentwood and visitors alike moved about the area, be it for news on races or to get some great good from one of the Entrepreneurship booths. On such a windy day, there needed to be a way to get people warm and moving, to keep the energy flowing. Fortunately, Brentwood has Mr. During their series of songs, the girls amassed a large crowd ó me included ó cheering after every run and loudly applauding after every song. When the girls finished their performance, all on the plaza had fallen in love with their voices, and I was the proudest brother in the world. The Advanced group kicked things off with some oldies but goodies that got the crowd dancing and singing along. As the day wore on, the music went old school.

Make it funky So the people can get down to the funky sound Cause my crew don't mess around Make it funky So the girls can get busy, dog the dance floor Make the guys get dizzy Make it funky Totally def as Evil E guts the records and the beat is kept Make it funky. Stupid fly, it's got to the F-U-N-K why? So that you can get loose as I produce sounds hard as the deuce Manipulate the bass gain give the level's a boost The lyric layer rhyme sayer, born to be player If politics were my kick then I'd be your mayor Governator, Senator, I'm your mentor Rap rhythm is erratic, time is four, four I'm the microphone scholar, clockin' long dollars Here to make the place funky while the fly girls holler Genius vocalist, rhyme style priceless Pound of gold around my neck, mic in my first The microphone virtuoso crazy insane I'm loco With the speed to exceed, make other MC's look slow mo Un-lease release words mean as a beast I eat MC's for lunch and dinner, I can serve for a feast Their rhymes are elementary, mine deserve a PH D This beat is F-U-N-Key my name is Ice T. Undoubtedly you recognize this jam is the ultimate cut Uncontrollably you motivate and move your butt It's rough the beat is gangsterous, call it tough If you're diss'n stop frontin', come on whats up? Complicated voice gymnastics are all in your face Vegas got my highs, E.

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