How to get rare candy in pokemon go

What to do with rare candy?

how to get rare candy in pokemon go


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So I have rare candy right now. While this is an improvement on the I had an hour ago, my bag is still full. Everyone keeps telling me to use on legendaries and ttar, but I already have enough candy to power up:. Edit: Ok, I clearly phrased the question wrong, because everyone thinks I'm just showing off my rare candy. First of all, I'm level 35, not some crazy, super-hardcore level Second, when I said "I already have enough candy to power up", I meant from level 20 the level they are when you catch them from a raid to level

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This Pokemon game's candy goes far beyond the typical Rare Candy and adapts some of Pokemon Go's systems while also introducing its own. All candy you collect on your Kanto journey is stored in the Candy Jar in your bag. You can't see your Pokemon party's stats while in the Candy Jar menu, though, so make sure you check your Pokemon 's stats before giving them Candy. While exploring Kanto you'll be able to find three kinds of candy: Rare Candy, species-specific candy, and stats candy. The stats candy aren't officially called that, but as those have no known name, we're calling it that for now.

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Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Farm

Evolutions and power ups both require the use of Candy, which players will accumulate throughout the game. This guide will briefly explain the methods for getting more Candy and Stardust, as well as how to use these items. Power Ups require both Candy and Stardust, while evolutions only require Candy.



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  1. Rare candy in Pokemon Go can be used on any Pokemon at any time. Here's how to get it, how to use it, and what you should use it on!.

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